Wednesday, August 7, 2013

teensy tiny bit of a drama queen

I woke up this morning drag, drag, dragging!  It's the first morning in awhile where I have not felt like working.  Not at all.  Ok, I'm about to share something, don't judge me!  I have the occasional bout with restless leg.  I will pause now for laughter.  But it's true!  I know it totally sounds like a made up thing but I've dealt with it since long before it became a "thing".  After quite some time I finally figured out that mine is medication induced.  Any kind of medication that has something that causes drowsiness - Benadryl, Tylenol pm, that kind of thing.  So I don't take it.  Well last night I took some new thing my doctor gave me for back pain.  Well apparently it has the devil ingrediant in it and it gave me the most restless night that I can remember having. Flipping this way and that, kicking my legs like a mad woman, ugg.  Laugh all you want but it truly is one of the more frustrating things.  And try explaining it, "I can just feel my legs!"  Of course you can, everyone feels their limbs.  "NO!  I can feeeeeeel my legs!"  Argggg!

So I woke up grumpy, tired, kind of hot and cold.  Bleck!  And no desire to work.  I started to worry.  Is my insatiable work apatite fading?  Please no.  I sat on the couch for a bit, wallowing in my worry and fatigue.  After a couple of hours of nearly convincing myself that I had the flu I got up and made coffee. Then I watered the garden, I cut a wild little bouquet of stuff from my garden including some lettuce and mint that I let get waaaaay too leggy, I washed the dishes, I made the bed, I fed Berklie (the cat), and then along came my second wind, or I guess technically it was my first wind of the day.  Tragedy averted.  I made a beeline for my studio and proceeded to work until 7pm.  Then from 7-10 I edited photos and posted items to etsy.   Then, around 11o'clock I made dinner.  Grits.

Can you tell that Tom is out of town?  I am far more dramatic when Tom is away.
<<<<<<<<<< oh, and then this happened >>>>>>>>>>
I went to bed all set to have a very restful night.  I was reading for a bit before turning out the light.  All of the sudden I felt a bug fly into my neck.  I started flailing around to get it off me.  I didn't see the bug but it seemed to be gone.  I read a bit more then went to turn off the light.  That's when I felt it.  THEBUGWASINMYSHIRTANDITWASAROACH!!!!!
If you know me at all you know that aside from losing a loved one roaches are my GREATEST fear.
I flipped and flailed and screamed and gasped and hyperventilated!
I know it's a bit irrational but I am terrified of roaches.
Give me a snake, a spider, please give me a rat!  But roaches?  Why are they here??  E-gads they are awful!  It was horrifying.
So much for my restful night.  

<<<<<<<<<< oh, just one more thing >>>>>>>>>>
I am doing the drawing tonight when Tom gets home.  So I will announce the winner tomorrow.  Swears!