Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Baking Relief - Hurricane Harvey

A friend of Tom's is making a few home cooked meals for some Houston evacuees here in Austin. I committed to making four loaves of bread to contribute to the dinner. In my over-zealousness, as I'm prone to do when baking, I've made two extra loaves...

I've been mulling over ideas on how I (we) can help all those affected by Harvey. Donating a portion of jewelry sales was an obvious option (and one I'm still going to do, just tweaking ideas). But today as I was baking bread I thought maybe baked goods would be a way to go... Would anyone be interested in this?!?

This brings me around to the beginning of my post...who wants a loaf or two of homemade bread? I'm thinking $10 per loaf. I know that's a lot for a loaf of bread but if you think of it as a $10 donation where you happen to get a loaf of bread - it's not too much! We would have to work out pick up/delivery for tomorrow...

Depending on the response/enthusiasm I get here I maaaaaaaay bake something each day with 100% of the $ raised going to either a food bank or an animal charity directly helping Houston and the surrounding areas.

Baked Good Selection