Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My name is Laura and I have a problem.

"Hi Laura." My problem is I watch movies over and over again. Not like you think. I watch it and then immediately start it over and watch again and sometimes, again. Not with all movies. No way!! But there are just some movies that I could literally watch again and again and again. Drives Tom nuts! I don't know why I do this - and usually it's not even with very good movies...I don't know.

So, my latest obsession: The Family Stone. No, it's not an intellectual movie, it's not hilarious, it's not particularly deep. But if you are looking for a good, solid Christmas movie, and you have already watched Miracle on 34th St. and It's a Wonderful Life (the two best Christmas movies of ALL time) then this is a good new one to watch. I think.
I think I have watched it seven times so far this season. Now, before you think "Umm, I ordered a necklace, I haven't gotten it yet, and you are sitting around watching movies and eating bonbons?" I promise I am work, work, workin' away with the lovely sound of the dysfunctional Stone family in the background.
If you do decide to check it out pay close attention to one of my favorite characters in the movie: the house. It might be my dream house - from the architecture to the decor - it is a cozy Christmas dream. oh, I think I'll go watch it again.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Christmas time...

...bangles anyone?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday Sale

Is it wrong that I am in the retail biz and I don't know why Black Friday is called black Friday? It's so depressing sounding. So I just decided that I would create my own little sale for the day and I am calling it Pink Sunday! So there. No rhyme, no reason, I just like pink and it's Sunday and you get 25% off of any item in my etsy shop! Just use this coupon at check out and you are all set: PINKSUNDAY112810 Go to town!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Preacher Man update

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted an update on the Big Man. And I guess it's just as they say, no news is good news. Knock on wood, we are cruising along. He's 12 so we are dealing with all of the things that I imagine come along with a 12 year old Great Dane - a not so strong back end, lumps and bumps, etc. But other than that I don't think he or Tom and I have anything to complain about. I was talking to our vet about him the other day and he reiterated "Do you know how lucky you are?" Yes, we do. We know this is not the norm. We are very lucky and very thankful.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Introducing Miss Jillian Ryan

Is she not the cutest thing? Seriously? It took some doing but I finally convinced Tom that we could take on another foster dog. For the first six or seven years of Blue Dog, Tom and I regularly had several foster dogs at a time. In fact at one point we had as many as seven fosters on top of our own dogs. But with our 12 dogs, Preacher's cancer, and my increasingly busy work schedule we just cannot take on as many fosters. I wish we could because I love, love, love it! There is not much better than springing a dog from the cold concrete of the animal shelter.

This was just the case with our newest foster Jillian Ryan. I guess I wore Tom down sending him photos of dogs in need (tortured him was probably more like it!)... as soon as he agreed I was in my car and headed for the city shelter. I picked out three. Of course I knew if I came home with three all four of us would be sleeping in the car! It was tough but I finally picked out this little girl. Can you believe no one wanted her?!?! She was on her last day at the shelter...I think she was just so scared there that no one could see the precious personality behind that scruffy little face. But now that she has a soft, warm bed, no more scary noises or the constant smell of fear in the air, she has come right out of her shell. She is hilarious and an absolute love bug!

So stay tuned to Blue Dog Rescue because she should officially be available for adoption soon. Oh, and cross your fingers that all goes well at the vet - we are wishing for NO heartworms or other cooties and an uneventful spay surgery...from there she will begin interviews for a forever home. Wish her luck!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

friendships that stand the test of time

I have been insanely fortunate. I'd like to think that I just have incredibly keen judgment skills, but it's probably a bit of luck too. But I have a hand full of truly wonderful, good, forever friends. Some I am lucky enough to see all the time and some it's years...but for those true, really friendships it can be years and it feels like days. That is the case with my friend Jill (the cute blonde above). We have been friends since junior high, as different as night and day, she was voted "most beautiful" while I was "most unusual", she wore polos while I put toothpaste in my hair...but neither of us really cared.
And now, more than 20 years later, living miles and miles apart and rarely seeing each other - I think it's been nearly 10 years...it's like we haven't missed a day. So, here we are again, with our friend Taylor (another long-time, forever friend), 20+ years from the other photo, still friends. How many people can say that most of their friends date back to elementary or junior high school? I am crazy fortunate because I can say that. I love you Jill, Kim, Taylor, and Haley! You are THE best.

a whole new deal...

Many of you have probably seen those daily deal web sites popping up all over the place. There's Groupon and Living Social and more. But have you seen GivShop? Now, I don't want to poo poo those other sites, because I like them and I have gotten some fantastic deals from them, BUT GivShop is in a league all its own and here's why: they donate a significant portion of each deal purchased to charity! Brilliant. And here's the other cool thing - they have a long list of charities that they have partnered with so when you buy a "deal" you get to pick which one you want your money to go to. Seriously, I think that is so freakin' smart! AND you can buy these "deals" as gifts. it just gets better and better. I just love the idea of my dollars doing double duty - getting some gift shopping done and donating to charity in one fell swoop! Who ever came up with the idea is a smarty pants!

So, today is MY deal! Yay! And if you bought one you could even pick Blue Dog Rescue as your charity! Love, love, love it!! But whether you want a Metalsgirl deal or not, you should sign up for GivShop, there will probably be future deals you will wanna take advantage of! So hop on over and check it out.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I voted...

...did you? I hope so! Tom and I popped over to my old junior high school library to take advantage of our privilege to vote. You know in the Breakfast Club where Anthony Michael Hall shows his fake ID that he got just so that he could vote? That was totally me - I was so excited when I turned 18, it felt like such a big deal! And I can honestly say that that feeling has never worn off. It still feels like a big deal, and it should.