Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Seven. oh, and happy halloween.

Yes, that is Preacher as Elvis. And he was not happy about it. I have to add this quick disclaimer and then we can get on with things. I am not really one to dress up my dogs. I have been known to put pink boots on Veruca Jane and The Business Man really does love clothes. He does!! I swear!! But Preacher is waaaaaay to dignified to have anything to do with this nonsense. But I couldn't help it. So, here is how this came to be: Our rescue group, Blue Dog Rescue, take donations all the time. We are a non profit and we need all the donated stuff we can get - food, dog beds, towels, collars, leashes, halloween costumes...whoa, wait a minute. You say someone donated an Elvis costume for a large breed dog? huh? Anyway, I threw my hand in the air and said "I'll take it!". Other than the above info I don't think the picture needs much narration. The look on his face pretty much says it all. "What in Gods name do you think you are doing? Get this off of me now." And we did. Right after we got the camera.

So, in addition to being Halloween it is also our sweet Seven's birthday. (look at her up there by Preacher - I think she was laughing.) She turned 12 today. She was the first dog that Tom and I adopted. Funny story about that. We adopted her from the local Humane Society when she was nine weeks old. We went down to the HS and met several dogs. She was there along with two litter mates. Two were already spoken for so we played with the cute little red one that was left. She had to be spayed and we had to have our app. approved so she didn't get to come home with us right away. But we went to visit her a couple of times before we were actually able to bring her home. So the day she is able to be picked up Tom goes to get her. He calls me at work.

Tom: "I think they gave me the wrong dog."
me: "huh?"
Tom: "I think they gave me the wrong dog."
me: "huh?"
Tom: "The dog they gave me, it's not the one we picked."
me: "Well, did you say anything? are you still there?"
Tom: "No, I'm on my way home. The other two dogs had been picked up. What was I supposed to say 'this is the wrong dog'?"
me: "YES!!!"

Long story short, the HS and transposed the numbers for the puppies. So we did in fact end up with the one we hadn't interacted with at all. But she was just one more thing in a long list of meant-to-be's. She is the love and the boss of our lives. Happy Birthday Seven!

Monday, October 26, 2009

round 13

Preacher had his 13th round of chemo this past Friday. It was time again for the big daddy chemo drug so he was feeling a little poopy for a few days. Not a great apatite. But tonight he ate all of his dinner. yay! He's so funny - he's so much more interactive than he has been in years. I was working today and he came into my studio looking for some attention, which I readily gave him. Then I went back to work. But he wasn't done so he kept hitting my elbow with his head - this would be funny and cute if I wasn't pouring resin at the time! But I am pretty sure the rule is: if you are going through chemo you can do pretty much anything you want and you don't ever get in trouble!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's nap time at the Gibson house!

I think I need a 24 hour nap. When I take long naps Tom says "that's not a nap, that's called sleep." Whatever. I need it either way, whatever you call it. It has been a whirlwind of activity around here since we got back from New York. Three trips to the airport, two friends in town, a Blue Dog event, a film screening, brunch at the parents, some friends dropping in for some impromptu Metalsgirl shopping, all in a matter of three days. I'm pooped.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

old friends, great music, and making a difference.

Tonight is the kick-off party for the fourth annual Texas Howlers Music and Mutts Calendar. Typically I would be near to prone in front of the tv at 6pm the evening after a week-long, cram-packed trip to New York. There is not a lot that would get me up and out and away from my dogs. BUT, this is gonna do it and here's why: old friends, great music, and making a difference.

First, I have two old and very dear friends who just happen to be in town this weekend. One is here to promote the screening of his movie Left Field. The screening is tomorrow night at the Ritz Alamo at 6pm if you wanna join Tom and I there. I haven't seen him in ages but we grew up together and I am so proud of him for doing this, for putting something out into the world like this. It's so brave. And then my friend Taylor announced to me last week that he was coming to town this weekend. He says things like this all the time so I won't really believe it 'til I see the whites of his eyes. But I am hoping.

Second, What better way to hang out with old friends than in an awesome bar with amazing music? One of my very favorite Austin musicians Graham Wilkinson is playing this evening (at 7pm) along with JD Pendly and Redd Volkaert (our 2010 calendar cover boy - whoo whoo!). If you haven't been to The Ghost Room yet it is high time you got over there - great atmosphere, staff, music, and drinks - tonight the music starts at 6pm.

And last, You know Blue Dog Rescue is very near and dear to my heart. To date we have rescued nearly 1,700 dogs - something I am crazy proud of. We are a 100% non-profit 501c3 organization with no employees. All money raised and donated goes straight to the care of the dogs. One of our major projects/money raisers is the Texas Howlers Music and Mutts Calendar. The photos are stunning. Stunning. I think our two insanely talented photographers out did themselves this year - Casey Woods Maddaeux and Kim Maguire . The calendar is officially out and you can come by The Ghost Room and get your copy tonight! And might I suggest some early Christmas shopping as well? *hint hint* Seriously, it is a great cause. Austin has a large pet over population problem for being such a progressive city in so many other ways. Our one city shelter takes in literally over 100 animals a day and it is not unusual for them to euthanize half of those every day. Supporting Blue Dog in a small way, like buying a calendar, helps save lives. If you can't come out tonight you can get the calendars online

So, here's what you need to know: The Ghost Room 304 West 4th between Guadalupe and Lavaca 6pm until whenever, Blue Dog Rescue, Redd Volkaert, Graham Wilkinson, JD Pendley, some drinks, some friends, some fun - all for a good cause. You can DVR Survivor. That's what I am doing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love New York City. I love it. I love it. I love it.

I guess you could say that I am addicted. Tom and I both are. There is something about this city that just pulls at me when I am here. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, every time, I get kinda teary looking at the city. Tonight we hit it at the perfect time, sunset. I had never walked the bridge in the evening. It was REAL cold and there was a little sprinkle of rain, but it was pretty magical. The sunset over the city, the statue of liberty looking like she was plunked down in front of a gorgeous pink and orange painted back drop. breath taking.
My mother-in-law and I paused for a quick photo op on the bridge. It's her first trip to the city so Tom and I are having fun taking her to all of our favorite spots. This afternoon: Grimaldi's in Brooklyn for the best pizza in the five Burroughs. Seriously. Best. Pizza. Ever.
Okay, this was a majorly dangerous stop for me. Purl in Soho. Spectacular yarn. I was trying not to buy all the yarn in the world but I really might have to sneak away for a tiny bit more before I leave the city.
We dropped into this precious little bakery/coffee shop on the recommendation of my friend Stephanie. And it did not disappoint! Maybe the best lemon tart I have Ever eaten. Oh, and it is Right next door to Purl. I was in some sorta heaven but felt a bit manic in wanting to dart in and out of both at the same time. Coffee, yarn, tart, yarn, more coffee, more yarn...
Friday was my 10 year anniversary. That is a whole 'nother blog about how insanely in love I with him after 10 perfect years of marriage. So, my mother-in-law met up with some friends and gave Tom and I the day to hang just the two of us. The friends she met up with took her over to Staten Island and took her Mushroom picking and Bee keeping! How cool is that?!?!? She came home with this mountain of mushrooms and a sack full of sumac (for tea?), a giant jar of fresh honey, and a bag of ginkgo biloba nuts? berries? anyway, it was crazy and so cool. We cooked up the mushrooms last night - yummy! And I've had delicious honey in my tea.
My favorite farmers market in Union Square. And it's even more special in the fall with all of the pumpkins, piles of corn, and still gorgeous fresh cut flowers.
Just a random something or other in the it.

Oh, and our feet after shopping the farmers market and buying the prettiest, pinky-purple cosmos from a local grower. This city, with all of it's concrete and tall, tall buildings, hustle, car horns, people rushing on and off of still has fresh flowers, lush green spaces, and sweet smiles on elderly men playing odd musical instruments I have never seen before. Really, what more can you ask for?

Friday, October 16, 2009

all the time.

Ten years ago today I married this guy. Best decision of my life. He makes me laugh, he holds my hand, he encourages me, he believes in me, he shares my ups and my downs, he laughs at my jokes, he looks at me and I can see love in his eyes. I am so beyond lucky, I don't know what you call it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

fun with enamel

I don't know if you remember, but a while back I decided to teach myself the whole enameling process. I've loved the look of it for years and since my work often is mistaken for enamel, I thought I should have an inkling of what it's all about. I didn't want to buy a kiln, I wasn't quite that committed, so I read a bit, researched a bit, and sorta learned how to "fire-torch" enamel.
But, since finding out that I was accepted into ACL Festival I hunkered down on my typical jewelry line and put the enameling aside. Well, since ACL didn't go so hot my friends and family have been trying to cheer me up. The other day my friend Casey said, "look at it this way, you're all stocked up for Christmas, now you can play with the enamels again." And I did just that - all day today! Smart Casey!
So here are a few of the necklaces I have made over the past few days. Simple, but bold. Now I just want to make more, more, more!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

round 12

Yesterday was round 12 of chemo for Preacher. This weeks drug was vincristine, which he has done really well on from the beginning. Thankfully it is the most frequently used drug he has been getting. But this week wasn't quite as easy on him as past weeks. Maybe we've gotten a little too relaxed about this whole cancer thing, I don't know. But he has had a little upset belly and frequent trips outside if you know what I mean. We've been cooking up the hamburger again and he's eating that. So hopefully this was just an itty bitty hiccup and he'll feel better tomorrow. Keep him in your thoughts and I'll pass on some extra hugs and kisses.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let's start with the good. Look at that beautiful grass. For years ACL Festival has been plagued with lots of dust. This year the city spent a kajillion dollars on making sure the grass was filled in everywhere, thick, and beautiful. And it was. When we loaded in on Wednesday we all whipped off our shoes and marveled at how amazing it was. We got set up with ease and showed up Friday morning looking forward to the weekend.
My booth partner and I couldn't use our individual names for our sign (Metalsgirl and Bolsa Bonita) so my partner came up with Charmed and Armed which I thought was super cute and fitting. The festival folks had these great signs for each of the vendors. Check out that gorgeous sky. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Our display came together - Liz's bags are so freakin' cute!

We were fairly close to one of the stages which at times was great - Michael Franti was fantastic - but at times there was so much base that I felt motion sickness coming on.

Then came day two. And with it the rain. All day. I couldn't help but take a photo of these cute girls in their home made garbage bag ponchos. The "General Store" booth quickly sold out of ponchos. There was a man actually selling garbage bags right off the roll for 5 bucks each! And he couldn't sell them fast enough. The rain was okay at first but then it started to get a little muddy.
This was me at the end of day two.
And then there was day three. This was the veiw from our booth. No rain which was good. But oh, the mud.
Imagine a foot of chocolate pudding covering an entire park and then 65,000 people arrive to listen to Pearl Jam. I wish I had video. It was like watching a crowd of people trying to learn to skate all at the same time.
Let's just say it was not the best experience. I was trying desperately to channel my inner PollyAnna but by the end of day three it was getting difficult. I just don't think that inches and inches of mud is condusive to shopping.
The ugly came today when we found out that the city folks, in their efforts to give us lush and luxourious grass, used dillo dirt and sewage to help that lovely grass grow. So, basically, we were all tromping around in s*%t.
And last I will leave you with this freakishly creepy photo. A friend of mine took this photo, I didn't get the pleasure of seeing it in person. I can only imagine that there were some drugs involved. But at least some people were able to embrace the festivities.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holy Hannah it's finally here.

Is this not the cutest purse you have EVER seen?!? You can sorta tell in the photo, but the tail is fluffy fur! I am a total bag addict and I have several of Liz Potter's fantastic bags! I have a squirrel, a Tom Selleck, a smiling Toast bag, and an Andy Gibb just to name a few. So imagine how excited I was when Liz asked if I wanted to share a booth with her for ACL?!?!? Uh, super excited! Not only do I love the bags that she makes but I have tons of respect for her as a fellow small business owner. She knows her stuff! I can't think of a better way to brave the terrors of ACL than by sharing space with Liz!

Yesterday was set up. The show starts on Friday so initially I was annoyed that set up was two day earlier. Now I see the brilliance of this. It was so nice to set everything up and then walk away knowing I had a full day to finish last minute little details and just take a deep breath. It's been such a whirlwind. Set up was good but un-freaking-believably hot! Steph and I both felt a little sick by the end of it. But, I am pretty fortunate - my jewelry packs down so small that my set up is usually pretty painless. Between me, Tom, Stephanie, and Casey we had it done in about three hours. I felt bad leaving poor Liz and her seemingly millions of bags - but I think she probably appreciated getting all four of us out of her hair so she could work in peace. I told Tom that he should realize that I would be coming home with a new bag no doubt! The problem is deciding - there were sooooooooooooooo many that I already felt myself falling in love with!! I hope I am able to focus on selling jewelry instead of a weekend of bag shopping - Heaven!
Come see us if you are at ACL!