Thursday, October 22, 2009

old friends, great music, and making a difference.

Tonight is the kick-off party for the fourth annual Texas Howlers Music and Mutts Calendar. Typically I would be near to prone in front of the tv at 6pm the evening after a week-long, cram-packed trip to New York. There is not a lot that would get me up and out and away from my dogs. BUT, this is gonna do it and here's why: old friends, great music, and making a difference.

First, I have two old and very dear friends who just happen to be in town this weekend. One is here to promote the screening of his movie Left Field. The screening is tomorrow night at the Ritz Alamo at 6pm if you wanna join Tom and I there. I haven't seen him in ages but we grew up together and I am so proud of him for doing this, for putting something out into the world like this. It's so brave. And then my friend Taylor announced to me last week that he was coming to town this weekend. He says things like this all the time so I won't really believe it 'til I see the whites of his eyes. But I am hoping.

Second, What better way to hang out with old friends than in an awesome bar with amazing music? One of my very favorite Austin musicians Graham Wilkinson is playing this evening (at 7pm) along with JD Pendly and Redd Volkaert (our 2010 calendar cover boy - whoo whoo!). If you haven't been to The Ghost Room yet it is high time you got over there - great atmosphere, staff, music, and drinks - tonight the music starts at 6pm.

And last, You know Blue Dog Rescue is very near and dear to my heart. To date we have rescued nearly 1,700 dogs - something I am crazy proud of. We are a 100% non-profit 501c3 organization with no employees. All money raised and donated goes straight to the care of the dogs. One of our major projects/money raisers is the Texas Howlers Music and Mutts Calendar. The photos are stunning. Stunning. I think our two insanely talented photographers out did themselves this year - Casey Woods Maddaeux and Kim Maguire . The calendar is officially out and you can come by The Ghost Room and get your copy tonight! And might I suggest some early Christmas shopping as well? *hint hint* Seriously, it is a great cause. Austin has a large pet over population problem for being such a progressive city in so many other ways. Our one city shelter takes in literally over 100 animals a day and it is not unusual for them to euthanize half of those every day. Supporting Blue Dog in a small way, like buying a calendar, helps save lives. If you can't come out tonight you can get the calendars online

So, here's what you need to know: The Ghost Room 304 West 4th between Guadalupe and Lavaca 6pm until whenever, Blue Dog Rescue, Redd Volkaert, Graham Wilkinson, JD Pendley, some drinks, some friends, some fun - all for a good cause. You can DVR Survivor. That's what I am doing.