Thursday, October 31, 2013

sweet 16 beautiful girl

My beautiful girl turned 16 years old today.  She might not be able to hear real well, and she might be blind in one eye, and her back legs may not always cooperate, but I'm nearly certain that she thinks she's sitting pretty at about three years of age.  She has been a joy and simultaneously driven me bat s&#t crazy for all but 9 weeks of those 16 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.  And even though she would choose Tom over me 999 times out of 1,000, I still adore the ground she walks on.

Happy birthday Principessa!  I love you.

The Girlie Show

I've been scurrying around like a frantic little mouse the last couple of days just trying to make sure I have everything I need...'cause tomorrow the little brother and I load up the car and head to Oklahoma City for the Girlie Show!  This show is even more fun than the name sounds!!  The show was was the brain child of three zany women who wanted an art show unlike any others...something not-stuffy, all girlie artists, fabulous foodie caliber food (think delicious sushi in peeled back sardine cans!), female dj's, roller derby girls skating in and out of the crowds offering to booth sit, and entertainment that is off the chart (imagine burlesque meets cirque de soleil!)...if you can imagine all that then you might have an inkling of what the Girlie Show is all about.  For the past three years I've had to pinch myself that I've been lucky enough to be a part of it.

Sadly, after 10 years, the girlies are calling it quits after this last her-ah!  I'm not sure why they've decided that all good things must end, but I'm betting that means that they have pulled out the big guns for this final show!!  And I cannot wait to see it!  So if you live anywhere near OKC you should try to come by.  The show is Friday November 1st from 7-11 and Saturday from noon to 5.  I'd truly love to see you!

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the AMAZING girlies that I'm sharing the stage with, like my friends Jen Ramos, Victoria Corbett, and Liz Potter.  And a young painter that I just cannot stop going on about, Tessa Raven!  And so, so many more!

Come see us.

Monday, October 21, 2013

From zero to sixty...

Just a couple of weeks ago I was freaking out that the holidays are upon us but now I've got the bug.  I actually found my self singing Christmas carols today!  I know, that may be a little over board but I do loooove the holidays!  This is my very favorite time of year.

But since Metalsgirl has (happily) grown a little each year I find myself with less and less time to enjoy the merriment, less time to get the gifts bought and wrapped, less time to just get my Christmas s#%t together!  So in an attempt to eek out every moment I can I'm determined to be organized with a capital O.

Last year as December raced towards Christmas Day with lightening speed the orders flew in.  And the closer it got to The day the more orders rolled in...two feelings accompanied them: gratitude and fear!  I was petrified that there were simply not enough hours in the day to get everything I've tired to drum up a couple ideas to get us all organized, proactive, and feeling ahead of the game!  Who's with me?!?!?

All week, each day, I'm gonna share with you a gift idea for a different person, or persons, in your life, some kinda coupon goodie, and some other do-dads guaranteed to make you jump for joy!  (Warning: that may have been a slight exaggeration.)
So, what to get your best friend?
I've had the same best friend for 36 years so I always want my gift to her to be thoughtful, meaningful...not saying it always is, but I always wanna shoot for that.  When we were kids we had a club: The Smurfettes.
There were a whopping three of us in said club.  The symbol for our club was three apples drawn sitting on top of one another (the height of a Smurf).  So last year I made her one of my personalized bangles that said "three apples high".  Super personal and full of memories.  

It's a good gift for any friend really: 
  • all your momma friends with their kiddos names
  • your childhood friend with a sweet recollection
  • a favorite song lyric shared by your bff's
Just get creative!  It can be just about anything.

Soooooo, just to get you motivated to get a jump start on the gift buying or even if you are one of those people that is almost done with shopping that makes the rest of us wanna smack you and you need one last gift to be all done...either way, here is a Coupon Code for today only: FRIENDGIFT
Just hop over to my etsy shop and use the code during check out to receive 20% off of your entire purchase.

Tip 'o the day: the Container Store!  
Get your buns over there and get all your wrapping paper! 
I have an issue with perfectionism in certain areas (while other areas I am lacking severely in that particular, um, issue.  Too bad we can't spread perfectionism out over our lives a bit, eh?).  So, when it comes to wrapping gifts I can literally spend hours and I like good, quality, cute paper.  So there.
Best. Paper. Ever.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best. List. Ever.

Sometimes the best things are unexpected.

The last few months have been rough.  I've been doing my best to "power through it" and "put on a brave face" and "fake it til you make it" and all those cliches that mean that underneath you feel pretty crappy but you are doing everything you can not to let on.  I want to feel different and I think everyone probably either thinks I DO feel different or that I SHOULD feel different.  But its just not real different than it was 22 weeks ago.  Except that I am able to put on that brave face.  I am able to laugh.  I'm able to talk to people.  But underneath is always an undercurrent of ugg.  Ugg = weighed down, hurt, anger.  

Here's the deal, the reason I'm sharing is to really make sure that you get the true impact that this "list" made on me.  Not because I want anyone to feel bad for me or frustrated with me or feel like they need to get me out or do something... 

It's for this: late a couple nights ago I was doing my last Instagram check of the night (I'm a little obsessed) and I see a photo of a child's birthday list.  I just barely glance at it and am about to move on when I see "Metalsgirl".  The second thing on the list:

 "Metalsgirl flower ring in midnight blue" 

I instantly felt tears sting my eyes.  Then I read the caption.  One of my loveliest of lovely customers who I've never met in person but I feel like I know her...her precious daughter requested a ring made by me.  I can't explain it...I felt like I was officially IT!  Like I had arrived.  I made it!  

And there in that instant I felt happy.  a to my core happy that I have not felt...well, not in 22 weeks.  The undercurrent of ugg was gone for a moment and I just felt happy.  And I recognized it and wanted to cling to it.
I don't know how to articulate exactly why being on this birthday wish list gave me this tremendous relief from the constant dull ache I've had...all of you makers of things out there, do you get it?  Why being on a child's list is way cooler than being on an adults list?  Cause it totally is!  I mean wouldn't we all rather be cool in the eyes of a child than an adult's?  

I can't explain it, but I feel like Alabama Worley just whispered in my ear "You're so cool."

So, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm gonna be making a flower ring in midnight blue just about any minute now!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

tears, super powers, and how is it already October!

Oh my goodness.  I'm just not sure how it is already October.  It's still so warm here in the heart of Texas that you wouldn't know fall was rolling in, the days are still long, the nights are just cannot be October.  Yet if I keep pretending then I will find myself so dreadfully behind I may not recover!  And so I think I am going to do something very fall-ish tonight like bake gingerbread!  There is not much better than hot out of the oven gingerbread with a healthy pat of butter.  Mmmmmm...

In my (former) continued effort to keep fall at bay I have been spending hours making large, honey-pie pieces of jewelry that I am just giggly over.  What I should be doing is tackling that list of inventory for all the upcoming holiday shows.  Those sterling bangles are not gonna make themselves!!  Unfortunately.  Below is an example of one of my new little (not-so-little) goody goody gumdrops!  It's big.  I mean real big.  I picture it on the finger of one of the Justice League.  Wonder Woman maybe?  I have four of these vintage lucite pieces and I want to have them each represent a perceived super if you could wrap up every bit what you need or have lost or are lacking or the insecurity you have about ________! and tuck it into this bad boy and it would become your SUPERPOWER! instead of a fear or a weakness.  Okay, for example, I'll give you mine: trust.  Mine would be trust.

This one is all about COURAGE.  
Courage to move forward.  
Courage to let go.  
Courage to face your fears.  
Courage to live a life that is full and well participated.  
Courage to hope.  Courage to try.  
Courage to give it everything even if you fail.  
Courage to dream the big dream.  Courage to say how you feel.  
Courage to be only what you are and nothing of what you aren't.  
Courage to grip tight to what you love fiercely.  Courage to go on if you have to...  
It's a lot of pressure on this little (not-so-little) ring.  But I think he's up to the task.
You might think I'm a little ring heavy these days.  I am.  Not gonna lie.  But I say make it while you feel it!  Right?  This ring came from a sketch or ten of teardrops and raindrops.  I was thinking that sounded pretty sad when a friend commented on how cleansing both of those are so I don't feel quite so sad about this ring's humble beginnings anymore. (Thank you Mara!). This ring also evolved from my big off roundish ring, a ring I've been making for years in every color in the proverbial rainbow.  I still adore that ring but I think it's also fun to have a new jewel at the party.

I'm not sure if it's the shape or the color but this ring feels sooooo uber modern!  And the odd thing is that I generally don't love modern even a teeny tiny bit.  But I'm mad about this ring.  It's clean and bold but I think the shape does give it a soft side with a little story to tell.

So, that's what I've been up to.  That and taking care of dogs, baking molasses cookies, planning a kitchen gut job (that has my anxiety at full tilt!), planning for the holiday show madness even tho I stand by my denial that it can be month ten!  What have you been up to?

>>>>>>>  addendum  <<<<<<<
Tom pointed out that it seems I don't like Fall.  But that could not be further from the truth!  Fall is my favoritest favorite time of year!  I just can't believe its hear already.  I mean, it feels like Christmas 2012 JUST happened.  I am thrilled to say goodbye to summer, its just that I need to eek out about two more months of time before the holidays hit...  
I love fall.