Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Goodie box give away!

A few years ago, right around my birthday (like it is now), I made a necklace with the sole intention of giving it away.  I had been inspired by a goodie box that I'd just received from my Dad and I wanted to create a goodie box that would include this cool necklace.
Well it's been almost three years since that last goodie box so I think we are way past due on a follow up!
I've been wanting to make another piece for a give away goodie box for awhile now.  There has been so much going on between custom work, Dana being home, and the raccoons (yes, I did say raccoons.  Blog post on that to follow) I just haven't had the time to devote to this.  But I've had the idea for it tumbling around in my head for awhile.  I knew I wanted to incorporate hand pigmented resin and stone...once I chose this beautiful robins egg blue druzy the shape and color for the rest of the necklace just fell into place.
On the back of the necklace I used a line from one of my favorite YouTube videos.  I know, a YouTube video is a really odd place to find inspiration!  But if you have never watched any of the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On videos - go watch them NOW!  They are the sweetest, funniest, innocent little videos you've ever seen.  And the quote just seemed appropriate on so many levels...it's the reason I made a necklace just to give it away - because it's worth it
Yesterday we woke up to news that one of our neighbors, a police officer, had been shot and killed in his home in the early morning hours.  Our neighborhood was practically on lock down.  There were police, marshalls, FBI, and media scurrying all over.  There were police cars and SWAT vans up and down the streets.  My brain and heart ping ponged between a plethora of different emotions.  At first it was entirely selfish, not wanting Tom to leave for work for fear of him being attacked between the front door and his car (I have a very active imagination when it comes to worrying!).  Then I felt so much sadness for this mans family.  Then I felt angry that some person or persons had stolen the safety I've always felt in this neighborhood.  I first moved here when I was just 14 years old.  I moved away during college but then, nearly 18 years ago, Tom and I bought our house, just a couple blocks from my parents and the house I grew up in.  This neighborhood has always felt a bit like Mayberry.  But sadly the state of our country these days feels very, very far from Mayberry.
After all of that worry and sadness yesterday I woke up this morning feeling even more excited to finish up this post and share this necklace with you.  The whole thought behind "because it's worth it", well I think it might just become my new mantra.  The idea of doing something nice - because it's worth it.  Being kind to people different than you - because it's worth it.  Volunteering your time - because it's worth it.  Making someone smile - because it's worth it.  Just being a good human being - because it's worth it.
So let me tell you how you can be the one to get this necklace and the goodie box it's packed in!  There are three ways to throw your name into the drawing:
1.) comment here and tell me your "because it's worth it".  What do you do because it's worth it ?
2.) share this post on Facebook (you can either cut and paste it to your page or just go to my Metalsgirl FB page and share the link that I've already posted there.)
3.) follow me on Instagram (metalsgirl), like the post about this necklace, and tag three friends (and make sure you tag me so that I see it and know to add your name to the hat again!)

For each of these that you do I will jot down your name and throw it in the hat. 
Make sure to leave your email address with your comment so that I can notify you if you win.  I will draw a name this Friday !
Have a very happy day...because it's worth it!