Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hurry up and slow down!

Tom took this picture of my precious aunt, Deanie and I at Cherrywood last weekend. I think that was the very beginning of the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I am not sure what it was about this year but it seemed much, much more stressful than years past. The scary thing about that is that I put all kinds of plans in place to make sure that this year would go more smoothly than the last. So what went wrong? Did I:
  1. not implement the plan well?
  2. forget how stressful last year actually was?
  3. or actually have a much, much busier year?
I guess I will know if it was #3 when tax time rolls around. But, uggg, I do not want to think about that now!

Here is what I do know - I have finally, finally been able to do a few of the things that I love about this time of year.
  • I've begun wrapping presents. I love the art of wrapping a beautiful package. I think the invention of the gift bag was a major bummer.
  • I went to dinner with the girls last night. We lingered over coffee and had that loooong talk that ranges for serious to laughter and can take the place of five visits to the therapist.
  • And as I type I am getting to watch The Family Stone again for the 8 or 9th time.
So, as hectic as the holidays can be, I hope that everyone can take some time to enjoy what it means to you - whether it is family, religious, business, what ever you love most about this time of year...take the time to sit back, take a breath, and soak it in.
Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have a whole little pile of stuff to share. None of it really goes with this photo, but I can't really have a blog post without a photo now can I?? So I thought I'd go ahead and send out my blog's Holiday card and long with all of this holiday hoopla!

First of all, if you read this, live in Austin, and it's before 6pm on Sunday 12/12 do yourself a favor and get over to Cherrywood Art Fair! This might be the best year ever. Seriously. I have already purchased three or four gifts - four if I can manage to part with any of the cutest upcycled sweater flowers from Sarah Bird! Here are a few stand outs:

It really is just a super fun time. Today Tom walks up to me carrying homemade ice cream sandwiches! Mine was oatmeal cookies with marscapone and fig ice cream! What?!? oh lordy it was good! So, come see me...OH, I almost forgot the two most exciting things that happened to me today:
  1. a girl I had never met came up and said "I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog!" That was seriously so exciting!! So, if you read this and you know who you are - Thank you! That was a very cool moment for me.
  2. While looking through my bottlecaps a young, 20something girl squealed with delight when she found a Raymond Burr bottlecap! How cool is it that someone so young even knows who he is much less squealed about him AND purchased him!! Fantastic!
My next little bit of info is to warn you that baking day is this week. Any of you remember the post from last baking day? Uh, we baked for like 73 hours straight. Not really, but it felt like it. Anyway, prepare yourself for the onslaught of hunger-inducing photos!! And apparently my little brother wants to chin the tradition this year - here and I thought it was no-boys-allowed!

And last, I am in dire need of men gift suggestions. I have several boys/men to buy for. Help! If you have any ideas or suggestions I am all ears.

Off to bed. Sleep well my dears.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the Christmas card

If I could I'd send you all a Christmas card. I love Christmas cards! I love getting them and sending them. I love picking out the picture for this years card, deciding on the design, I even like addressing them.

So, Preacher won the coin toss this year and ended up front and center. And he looks darn cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It was a good day.

There is the family that we are born with and there is the family that we make. If we are lucky we end up with some conglomeration of the two. I am that lucky.

I spent the day with an amazing group of fellow artists and crafters that I admire and look up to. Over the years of doing shows together I consider them friends and, in an odd way, coworkers. We only see each other at these shows but we flock together eeking out every tiny moment of down time to talk shop, life, and what-not. I cannot begin to explain how much I cherish these days. I love the shows, the customers, and the shopping, but I actually think I love the camaraderie even more. It is rejuvenating for me.

My parents and little brother showed up to help me pack-up. My best friend and her mom were part of the art show with their insanely awesome vintage pots planted with precious little succulents. So the whole lot of us, including husbands and kids, piled into our cars and headed for dinner. It was one of those dinners from a movie. The kind you watch and want to be a part of...shouting from one end of the table to the other, loud laughter, divulged secrets making the parents roll their eyes, teasing and pestering...just that easy, comfortable evening that you have with family. And something about those shared evenings around the holidays that just make you feel so grateful for what you have.

It was a long day and I am pooped. But it is a very happy tired. G'nite.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Flea

If you live in the Austin area I highly recommend putting the Austin Flea on your Sunday to do list!! It really is a fun little show. I have had my hand in the organization process of the first three fleas, so I can vouch for what a cool show it is. So come by and say Hi! I'd love to see you!!

Sunday December 5th, 10-5 @ Opal Divine's on South Congress.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have I mentioned that my dogs are cute?

Really, really cute. I was walking through the living room and my boys were lounging on the couch together looking all sweet. It's funny how tiny Preacher looks in this picture. See how Pasqual is all wedged down behind the pillows behind Vincent? That is what he always does. I always ask him why he can't lay on the couch like a normal dog! Probably because if he didn't get behind the pillows he might actually touch Preacher - at which point Preacher would get completely put out and get up in a huff! They are funny.