Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I gotta tell you, it's real hard to get any work done around here when you could be spending your day cuddled up with this! I have not fallen this hard for a foster dog in a long time! I'm telling you, she is a doll. Shoot, she's snuggled up with the one dog in our house who really doesn't even like her! If she can win him over, she can win anyone over. I was snuggled up with her the other night and Tom leaned over my shoulder and said "you can not keep her." I know, I know! But man, there are gonna be some tears when this one goes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Flea, Flea, Flea!!!

Yay! Tomorrow is another Austin Flea! I adore this show for a lot of reasons: one. It's home grown. It's all local artists at a local venue (not a chain) selling cool handmade or vintage goodies. two. It's a pretty chill show. It's not uptight, hoighty-toighty. It's very, well, Austin. and three. At this Flea most, if not all, of the vendors are donating some portion of their proceeds to help the victims of the Central Texas wildfires. I personally will be donating 25% of anything RED that you buy to the Red Cross. So come out an see us!

The Austin Flea @ The Highball on South Lamar from 11am-5pm. Be there or be square!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

how many times can you fall in love?

You would think I would hit a point where I just cannot fall in love with another dog. I've loved a bunch of dogs. I guess I thought that at some point I would become desensitized to their charm. But no. With all of the fire stuff going on we've had to do a little foster dog shuffle within Blue Dog so Tom and I brought home Sophie. She came to Blue Dog a year or so ago as a puppy, was adopted out...but then somehow ended up at our city shelter. Don't get me started on that. We try so hard to make sure we place our charges in perfect homes, but sometimes people fool you. Selfishly I'm a little glad. I adore this dog. NO, we are not keeping her - but if you are a friend or family member of mine just know that I am beginning a heavy campaign to get her adopted within "the family"!
Seriously, how cute is this!?!?! My precious little brood. I love a lot of dogs.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my house

So, I don't know if you've heard much about the crazy wildfires that we are dealing with here in Texas or not, but it's pretty much all anyone is talking about around here. I think at this point we have lost more than 1,000 homes and one fire alone has burned more than 30,000 acres. It's just terrifying. One of our dear friends was evacuated from her house late Monday evening and it really made Tom and I think. We were both mentally going through the house trying to decide what to grab if we had to leave at a moments notice. We both went so far as to each pack a bag and make and evacuation plan for the animals...who would go in what car and where the heck we would go with 13 dogs and two cats in tow!

What really surprised me emotionally was my attachment to my house. I've always thought that if I could, financially, I would buy a cute little, old house in the heart of Austin. But thinking of losing this house has made me realize how much I love it and that I seriously doubt if I could leave it for something "better". It's funny how we get it in our heads that we want a certain thing. But life changes and sometimes we don't realize that what we want and need has changed too. When we bought this house nearly 13 years ago I never, ever would have thought it would be my forever home. But now, honestly, I can't imagine ever living anywhere else.