Monday, September 22, 2008

Cotton Candy is Super Duper!

I do love me some cotton candy. But what I love even better is a cold day on the beach WITH cotton candy! Let me just say - todays blog post is about nothing more than this: I am aching for cold weather, my trip to New York, and I wouldn't turn down some cotton candy if someone offered it to me right this minute.

Last April, when we were in New York, we took the train out to Coney Island. Not too much was open and I think we saw one or two other people on the beach - so it was Perfect! Astroland was closed, and now, so sad, it is closed for good. But I got to see it and had a hot dog at Nathans right AFTER my cotton candy of course.

Anyway, I love this picture. I was truly enjoying every part of a beautiful day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am in love with Bloggers!

So just this week I have gotten e-mails from two LOVELY bloggers letting me know that they are featuring my work in thier blogs! Super duper cool! The first one is focused on the bride-to-be and the blogger suggests my work as a great gift for bridesmaids! Which I love doing, by the way!

The second blogger's focus is on the benefit of blogging. She chose a photo of my gold bangles - and it looks awesome with the grouping of other folks work.

So I just want to say Thank You! I appreciate it a Real lot!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh My Hoya!

Get a picture of this - me leaning backwards as far as possible without doing a backbend to get a picture of this upside down hanging flower. My dogs must have thought I was nuts. Anyway, how gorgeous is this flower?!?! I am constantly amazed by what nature produces. Not only are the colors amazing but the flowers look and feel like the thickest velvet you've ever felt. The best part is - this plant is pretty darn self-sufficient! I might water it once a month and it blooms weekly! Fabulous!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Drink up!

Last night we had dinner with friends. It was a good night. A fun group of people, playing cards, watching the football game on a big white sheet from a projector in the back yard, kids in the pool, the BEST spaghetti ever (the irish make good spaghetti sauce!), just a good evening. And then there was me - digging every last bottle cap out of the trash, off the ground, counter tops, etc. Lovely! But hey, all in the name of recycling and a cute bottlecap!