Monday, September 22, 2008

Cotton Candy is Super Duper!

I do love me some cotton candy. But what I love even better is a cold day on the beach WITH cotton candy! Let me just say - todays blog post is about nothing more than this: I am aching for cold weather, my trip to New York, and I wouldn't turn down some cotton candy if someone offered it to me right this minute.

Last April, when we were in New York, we took the train out to Coney Island. Not too much was open and I think we saw one or two other people on the beach - so it was Perfect! Astroland was closed, and now, so sad, it is closed for good. But I got to see it and had a hot dog at Nathans right AFTER my cotton candy of course.

Anyway, I love this picture. I was truly enjoying every part of a beautiful day.