Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brand Spankin' New!

So I have this friend, I won't name names, but Charlotte, you know who you are! Anyway, we met years ago when she and her husband adopted a dog from me (Haley - the first of the three dogs in the charms). Since we've known each other she has been a great supporter of my work. She often comes up with ways to tweak something in my line to make it more personal, more "her". It's awesome because it makes me think outside the box. Her most recent "want" was photos of her three precious dogs (Haley, Boulder, and Charlie - all rescues I might add!) in resin. So here's what I came up with. And I sure do love it if I do say so myself! These are becoming a part of my custom line for sure! You could do ANYTHING! Photos of pets, kiddos, your sweetie, fancy initials, old black and white family portraits, kids artwork...the skies the limit. They are sterling silver 16x16 mm squares with a heavy sterling silver bail. Look for them soon on http://www.metalsgirl.com/