Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Serious Withdrawl!

Okay, this is a very serious matter. Don't think I'm kidding, I am having pinkberry withdrawl. It's no joke. Why, why for the love of dog is there not a pinkberry in Austin?!?!? I mean for real! I want my medium-original-3 topping-rasberries-almonds-coconut pinkberry! For those of you who have not had the pleasure - you have to go to New York or California to get one - how sad is that?

So here's a picture of me eating my first pinkberry of my recent trip to the city. Looky, you can see my bangles in the photo. Okay, now back to the pinkberry. My hubby likes the captain crunch and fruity pebbles on his...I'd like to try some other toppings but I can't get away from the berry, nut, coconut toppings. Ahhhhh, well. I suppose I've gone on long enough. You might not be able to get a pinkberry, but I know where you can get your hands on some of those cool bangles! *wink wink*