Saturday, March 3, 2012

the pig and the bug

I couldn't help it. I mean seriously, how cute is he?!? Tom and I were just hangin' out at home last night (which is Heaven to me!). I was sitting on the couch, oblivious to the cuteness right next to me, reading my book club book (Blood, Butter, and Bones - anyone read it?) when Tom started grinning and tip toed off to get his camera. He snapped off several photos before Pasqual began to squint a little...
...then came the bug. It gingerly landed on the pig's nose. I swear he stared at it for a full minute before moving. Priceless!
Oh my goodness. Don't anybody tell me that Pit Bulls are not the cutest things ever. Seriously.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a MoMo and a Bernadette.

Meet MoMo. Well, his real name is Morris but for some reason I don't like that. So Tom has dubbed him MoMo. I am quite sure that you might be saying "Uh, Morris is way better than, um, MoMo." But I also want to name my kid (my imaginary kid) Turkish, so go figure.

Normally I enthusiastically introduce our new fosters right away. But MoMo came to us in a kinda round-about way and it's been a rocky road. This adorable boy had a wonderful home where he was adored. His person rescued him from the shelter, he went on trips with his person, slept in bed with his person...and then his person got sick. She lost her battle with cancer in the Fall of 2011. Sadly no family stepped forward to take him. So he found his way to Blue Dog.

But it has not been very smooth sailing. Poor boy has just been shut down. He started out in another foster home but was just not warming up. So we attempted a tried-and-true method of passing a dog around to show them that no matter where they go people are nice, they get to do fun stuff, get lots of treats - kind of an everyone-I-meet-is-fantastic approach. Last stop was Metalsgirl Headquarters aka our house. And he broke my heart. I just could not bring myself to pass him on. I made the unilateral decision that he needed stability. I don't know if that was right or wrong because not a lot has changed. He gives us moments of enthusiasm, but they are short lived. He doesn't want to snuggle even though he's got just about the most snuggable face you have ever seen in your entire life. So we continue to cruise along, looking for that needle in a haystack home that doesn't care if their dog wants to snuggle or not, be pet or not...
And then there's Bernadette. Quite possibly THE polar opposite of MoMo on the social scale, but equally cute. But, and this is a gigantic BUT, we just discovered that Bernadette has a genetic heart defect. I saw her X-ray yesterday and her poor little heart is, well, not little at all. It's huge. And apparently it's caused her gallbladder to swell too. Why all the gallbladder issues!?!? Anyway, she has just started lasix and seems to be responding well. But will someone want to adopt a dog who will need to be on meds the rest of her life? who might have a shorter life expectancy? who will likely have accidents due to the meds she has to take?
Or did Tom and I just unwittingly just "adopt" a MoMo and a Bernadette?