Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It was lovely while it lasted.

I am not sure if Preacher could look more irritated. He had zero desire to play in the snow. I am surprised I got a picture of him at all. He didn't want to lift his head...I guess the snowflakes were getting in his eyes or something. Big baby.
I am pretending that this is a picture of The Business Man trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue. Not him trying to shake the snow off the minute it touched him. Even with his collegiate sweater on he was obviously not a fan of the snow.
And then there's Ozo who would run out the door every time I opened it. He probably thinks that this is the weather he was born for! He was absolutely precious in's probably the most comfortable, temperature wise, that he has been all year.
So, the snow is mostly gone already, but it was so, so fun while it lasted.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jessica Beatrice in the snow.

These are seriously the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen. Granted I live in Texas, but I really do think they are big by any one's standards. It's had to get a good photo of the snow actually falling. But I think this is good for reference: Jessica Beatrice weighs 4 pounds - so that snow flake on her head is BIG!
Oh, and please try to ignore the bright orange crime scene/construction site plastic fencing in the back ground. We have new neighbors with outside dogs (arrrrggggg!) and my dogs would run the fence line all day "talking" to the neighbor dogs. So we are going to have to put up a fence within the fence soon...but this is the temp. solution. Lovely, I know.

Yay! Snow!

Finally, we are seeing some of what the rest of the country has seen (much smaller version of course) for months now. The dogs are hilarious - some of them love it - the two chow mixes of course, and others are wondering why I am forcing them to go out in it and then pose for pictures. They are looking at me like I have lost my very last marbles.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fingers crossed!

I know that probably every other person out there is tired of winter. Even for Texas it's been cold. I know there are areas that have been buried in snow week after week and I am sure you are sick of it. But I love the cold weather! I absolutely love it! Every time there is an inkling that we might get some kind of super cold front, especially involving ice and/or snow I start watching the weather like mad and crossing my fingers that it won't pass us by. So far, even though it has been record breaking cold - no snow. Bumm-er! BUT...tomorrow we have a 90% chance of snow! Could the weather men screw it up that bad? 90% chance, that's fairly good chance, right? I am all set to put the stew on first thing in the morning, I stocked up on wood, I am hoping that Tom will have to stay home from work. I'm a dork. I admit it. But I love this kinda thing. So, fingers crossed, toes crossed...snow, Snow, SNOW!

(oh, and those are my Bangle Resin Rings - love 'em all stacked up like that!!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

are you sick of it yet?

I really can't help it - I get a cute picture of my dogs and I just automatically want to post it here! I guess I am a show-off at heart. Are you sick of seeing my dogs?

But seriously, they are cute, huh? This is from a recent Thursday. See, every Thursday I get my house cleaned (super-duper luxury but with 12 dogs it's a luxury that I make myself afford). So, myself and several of the dogs pile into my studio while the girls clean. It's actually really good because it's forced work time where I can't get distracted by something else in the house. However, my studio is not large by any stretch of the imagination, it's like 12x12 or something. And I have: two jeweler's benches, one huge table/bench that holds my drill press, pickle pots, and soldering station, a table for pouring resin and assembling jewelry, a book case, a corner cabinet w/ a tv, a vintage desk, a practical desk, three chairs and a stool, three dog beds, and on Thursdays - at least five dogs including a Great Dane...oh, and sometimes one of my assistants works too. We're pretty packed in there, hence the cute photos of the dogs all kinda piled on top of each other. In this particular photo - Pasqual using Vincent as a pillow while Veruca Jane grabs up a tiny edge of dog bed. Too cute!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

For those of you out there who own your own business - what do you do to promote? In these economic times I am trying to be creative. I pride myself in putting out a product that is unique, well made, and affordable. I want people to be able to wear hand-made art without it breaking the bank. I want people to be able to choose hand-made instead of ponying up to the jewelry counter at WalMart. But people have to know you're out there before they can make that choice. So, got any tricks you'd like to share? I'm all ears.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No news is good news

I haven't posted a Preacher update is awhile because, well, I haven't had too much to report. Knock on wood. We are cruising along, just enjoying life - even though he is likely the one that caused the crazy back pain I've been having, stinker. Can you imagine lifting a 120 pound dog into an SUV? My friend Kristin said "HOW exactly did you do that?!?!?" Honestly, I don't know. I'm not strong, quite the opposite in fact. But I guess it's true, when you need to do something you do find a way. Anywho, it's all good, he's great. He's so good in fact that Tom and I have to monitor him because he gets these crazy spurts of energy and wants to race around the house - which would be fine if we could be sure he wouldn't slip on the tile and throw HIS back out! Tom might move out if he had to take care of me AND Preacher at the same time!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The mean reds.

I am so identifying with Holly Golightly's mean reds right now. I've been a big whiner for the past few months due to some pretty unpleasant, on-going, seemingly never ending back pain. Back pain due to a variety of things, some involving internal issues and some involving lifting a 120 pound Great Dane into the back of an SUV. Either way I can't decide if I am more sick of the pain or more sick of my whiney-ness. I can tell you this, somethings gotta change. I'm getting all kinds of advice and instead of it making me do something it's making me feel paralyzed with indecisiveness. I've gone the traditional dr. route. Where to now? Chiropractor? Physical Therapy? Massage Therapist? Acupuncture? or pull the covers back over my head?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I stand corrected

So a few days ago I blogged about my disdain for people. Today my faith in people was restored by one person and her one, simple gesture. Being a part of the rescue community I see a lot of icky things, things I wouldn't repeat here, things that make me really dislike people. But then people like Jennifer come along.
I went to grab my mail today and I had a package. I love getting packages!!! I eagerly opened it up and in it was the cutest leash and collar along with a lovely note. Let me back up a bit. While Preacher was going through chemo I had listed some Grab Bags in my etsy store. I wasn't sure how they would do, but they actually went over very well. People were very supportive. Jennifer with Rogue Collars ordered one. I sent off her grab bag and didn't think too much more about it.
When Preacher completed chemo I took the Grab Bags out of my etsy shop. But today, totally out of the blue I got a package from Jennifer. I eagerly opened it up to find the cutest collar AND leash for Preacher along with a sweet and touching card. She doesn't know Preacher. She doesn't know me. But something about our story must have touched her. And instead of just putting it out of her mind she chose to do something. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the collar and the leash, but even more than that I love the thought. Preacher is 11 years old and he has cancer. The cards are stacked against him. But he has done so well. Beyond well. And I believe with all of my heart that all of the people who have sent him well wishes are truly helping him. I believe that.
This is Jennifer's Great Dane wearing one of her CUTE collars with frogs on it! Seriously, how freakin' cute is that?!?!?! I will post pictures of Preacher in his new ensemble soon - I just didn't have time, I had to post this as soon as I opened my package, I was in awe.
Now, wanna pass along all this good, good feeling? This good karma? This proof that people can be good and do good things? Go visit Jennifer's shop(s). Let's support the little guy instead of the big box stores. You can find Jennifer on Etsy
Jennifer, thank you. Thank you for caring. I know a lot of people care, but they don't all act on that feeling. Thank you for being a dog lover. Thank you for caring about Preacher even though you don't know him. Thank you for restoring my faith in people and their goodness. Thank you.

I'm ready for my close up

I love these pictures of my dogs. My dogs are cute as a whole, but they even have cute parts. I suppose most people wouldn't photo just their dogs paw, but why? It's so cute! Look at the nubby little claws and those big black pads (that smell like corn chips, by the way) - I mean, that's photo worthy, right?
And Seven's close up profile that shows of her beautiful eyes with her thick black eye liner - you couldn't see that in some full body shot, definitely calls for a close up. And, as a side note, Seven might look like (oh, it pains me to even type this) a plain brown dog to some people, but in reality she is, as we say "the most BeeUteeful girl in the world, a princess, the principessa and I will argue that point with anyone!).
Oh, Horatio's little snub nose that can't decide if it should be chihuahua or pug! You gotta get a close up of that along with those dark brown eyes that just beg for attention in any way, shape, or form!
Okay, then there's that pig nose. When sweet Pasqual was still our foster dog and we thought we would be able to let him go (we were deluded) we would take him to adoption days and small children would often ask why we had a pig up for adoption. I love that piggy nose - and we have several close ups of that pinky pink nose!
So tell me, am I the only one who take pictures of her dogs parts?

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine

I am married to the love of my life. Not only am I still crazy in love with him but I like him a real lot too. We met when we both worked at a local music store. We were both seeing other people but we hit it off, became friends, and well, the rest is history. I think we are insanely well suited for each other. Several years ago Tom and I were bottle feeding a litter of orphaned puppies. We went to a friends house for dinner and had to haul the puppies along with us because they had to be fed every two hours. Kim was helping me feed them and poop and pee them (bet you didn't know that tiny puppies don't do that on their own!) and Kim said something to me that I have never forgotten. She said "You met your perfect match. Who else would do this kind of thing with you?" And she was so right.
Neither Tom or I are very high maintenance people - at least not when it comes to stuff like fancy expensive gifts or dinners. Before we were even married we spent one Valentine's Day with take out Chinese and rented movies. It was so great, so low key, so us that it's what we do every year. Sweet and Sour Chicken for him, Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts for me. This year we will start the day early at the Austin Marathon volunteering at a water stop for Blue Dog Rescue...but then after a long nap we'll order our food, cue up our movie, cuddle up in front of a fire and spend the night relaxed at home with our dogs - my idea of a perfect Valentine's Day.
What is your Valentine's tradition?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sweets for your sweet

I love to bake. Pies are really my thing, but ever since my first trip to Magnolia Bakery in NYC I have been trying to perfect the cupcake. I recently found this great website called Layer Cake that has THE cutest cupcake liners and toppers. They also have great boxes - hot pink boxes for a single cupcake and the little insert to put inside so your pretty cupcake doesn't tumble around.
I made these cute cupcakes last night so that Tom could take them to work. They were packaged individually in the hot pink boxes. I am sure he loved delivering little pink boxes all over his building! But they were soooo cute!
I hope that everyone is able to enjoy some sweets with your sweet this Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sweet creatures who deserve more

I've been going through pictures for a bit now. I was looking for all of the pictures of Pasqual smiling and curled up with other dogs and even the cats. All of the pictures that make him look like the innocent, sweet creature that he is. I had a whole stack I was ready to post and then I came across this one.

There are some days when people just make me hurt inside. People can be irresponsible, neglectful, they can make poor choices, choose to do nothing, they can be judgemental. Today a handful of people made me feel this way. Because of the actions and inaction of a handful of people a sweet dog I once knew won't see tomorrow.

I won't get on my soap box about being a good dog owner deserving of your dogs love. I won't preach about pit bulls and how wonderful and misunderstood they are. Tonight I feel defeated. But here's the great thing - that pit bull in the picture above, he will be able to single handedly change all that. I will go get into bed tonight and he'll plop down next to me, stare at me with his wide, innocent eyes, lick my face with his giant sand-paper tongue and I'll start to feel better.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Austin rocks.

I love New York City. Santa Fe. Seattle. Little ocean front towns in Maine. But I've gotta say, nothing beats my home town, Austin, Texas. I love, love where I live. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Oh, if I were to dream I would have houses in all of the before mentioned places, but as far as living - Austin is my only one.

Yesterday was so Austin. I had an art show at a locally owned bar, where local artists sold their wares, local musicians entertained, food was sold by a small local business, and there were kids and dogs. Pretty much my version of a perfect day.

It was the Austin Flea. Here's my booth space. I was set up in a cozy corner of the bar with a comfy couch and living room setting. It was like hanging out at home all day but with all my favorite people, artists, and drinks in one place!

I was set up right next to Flour Pots - the only downfall? I watched all day as my favorite vintage planters filled with easy-to-care-for succulents sold one after another! Why didn't I buy that little French Bull Dog planter the minute I got there? Am I crazy?? Of course it sold right off the bat! Kicked myself all the way home!

A bit more of my display. A while back I found these vintage frames and filled them with sheet steel - add a couple of magnets and hang my necklaces - easy peasey!
This vintage chandelier hangs in the entry way of The Ghost Room, which has housed the last two installations of The Austin Flea. This bar is fantastic and oh so Austin. It's an old cookie factory for goodness sake! Who knows when it turned to a bar - when Austin's warehouse district became cool probably. But this place is the go to spot for drinks, music, and just hanging out. The staff is cool with out being too hip - if you know what I mean, like not contrived, very real! If you live here or are visiting - go check it out.
And then there's the Chia hat. I have been wanting a Chia hat for YEARS! I bought one for Tom like eight years ago! But I've just never gotten one for myself. Before the Flea even opened this time around I saw this hat - I snatched it up so fast it almost flew onto my head! Chia's hats are kind of legendary around Austin - and should be everywhere else if you ask me - but here, you see one out and just automatically say "love your Chia hat!" There is no question of who made it - it's Chia. And she is just as sweet as she is talented. I'm telling you, there is no reason not to buy local when you have people like this in your community!
As if it wasn't enough that the space was chock full of fantastically talented artists - we were serenaded through out the day by wonderful local Austin musicians. Mark Viator and Susan Maxey make me swoon I love them so much.
More Flour Pots!
From this vantage you can see the incredible paintings of Collin Welsch, the conversation starting bags of Bolsa Bonita, and in the top right corner - the always popular jewelry by Natalie Tischler of Ornamental Things. The atmosphere was so great - warm, comfortable, and relaxed.

And last, the ever talented Hilary York. Hilary has been kind enough to play every Blue Dog Rescue event we have ever had at The Ginger Man over the years. She has a heart of gold and a voice to match.

I know we all have price in the places we are from, but I've gotta say Austin lives up to the hype. If you're from here you already know what I am saying (and you should come to the Flea because it's like all of Austin all rolled up into one!) and if you are considering a visit - Do It! We've got great food, music, people, outdoor activities, gosh, everything you can think of. From the mild weather to the margarita's you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

can I go back to bed?

Before I start, everything is fine. I don't want any members of Preachers fan club to worry, he's fine. I had a bad night last night. I had a really bad pain in my shoulder blade that ran up into my neck. When I woke up my plan was to call my GP and see if I could get in. But when I went to let the dogs out Preacher didn't want to get up. I was really worried. Yesterday he was totally fine, running around, playing, eating great. This morning he didn't want to get up. When I did get him up he was very slow, a little shaky, breathing hard, and had trouble holding himself up to go to the bathroom.

I was on the phone with the vet in about two seconds. They couldn't get me in until 4pm. I told them he was breathing funny and they asked about the color of his tongue, was it at all purple. I looked but couldn't really tell, maybe? So I said "maybe". They said bring him right in. Of course on the way in I was thinking terrible thoughts in between trying to think positive thoughts. After working myself into a complete frenzy I called Tom. He said, very simply, I think he is having back pain like before. Ohhhhhh, right. Everything adds up. So I feel a little silly for the rush to the vet but in we go. My vet, THE best vet on the face of the earth, totally freaked out when they said I was bringing Preacher in with a purple tongue. He was in the middle of surgery, spaying a dog, and said he started removing ovaries as fast as he could! Anyway, Tom was right, he has a bad back. He was in a lot of pain but his blood work was perfectly normal, weight was good, oxygenation was perfect, all was good. Just a bad back. Don't get me wrong, I hate for him to be in pain and I don't want that for a second, but it's fixable. So Dr. Daigle give us pain meds and muscle relaxers...
We get home and I give him the muscle relaxer first. All wrapped in a dog treat. He promptly spits it out and Horatio dives in and eats it in about half a second. I feel the panic begin all over again. I am thinking a muscle relaxer for a Great Dane just might be bit much for a Chihuahua. I call the vet feeling like a huge idiot. Luckily I don't have to load him up with hydrogen peroxide and wait for him to start puking. They said it should be ok. He should just be tired.
So, can I start this Wednesday over?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So we all know that I love dogs. And I guess loving dog "stuff" kinda goes with the territory. I have a little collection of vintage dog figurines (I hate that word), like chalk ware, that kinda thing. But my favorite dog collection are these vintage planters. The first one was the little blue bull dog on the left. He was a gift from my friend Jyl and he had a precious little plant in him. Sorry Jyl, but the plant didn't make it. I loved him so much that I started keeping an eye out for more little dog planters and I have been surprised at how many I have found over the last couple of years. The taller, brown dog on the left was a gift this Christmas from my other-mother and she planted him with little succulents in him. Tina I swear I am going to try to keep them alive!

So, here's my little collection. What do you collect?