Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So we all know that I love dogs. And I guess loving dog "stuff" kinda goes with the territory. I have a little collection of vintage dog figurines (I hate that word), like chalk ware, that kinda thing. But my favorite dog collection are these vintage planters. The first one was the little blue bull dog on the left. He was a gift from my friend Jyl and he had a precious little plant in him. Sorry Jyl, but the plant didn't make it. I loved him so much that I started keeping an eye out for more little dog planters and I have been surprised at how many I have found over the last couple of years. The taller, brown dog on the left was a gift this Christmas from my other-mother and she planted him with little succulents in him. Tina I swear I am going to try to keep them alive!

So, here's my little collection. What do you collect?