Sunday, February 7, 2010

Austin rocks.

I love New York City. Santa Fe. Seattle. Little ocean front towns in Maine. But I've gotta say, nothing beats my home town, Austin, Texas. I love, love where I live. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Oh, if I were to dream I would have houses in all of the before mentioned places, but as far as living - Austin is my only one.

Yesterday was so Austin. I had an art show at a locally owned bar, where local artists sold their wares, local musicians entertained, food was sold by a small local business, and there were kids and dogs. Pretty much my version of a perfect day.

It was the Austin Flea. Here's my booth space. I was set up in a cozy corner of the bar with a comfy couch and living room setting. It was like hanging out at home all day but with all my favorite people, artists, and drinks in one place!

I was set up right next to Flour Pots - the only downfall? I watched all day as my favorite vintage planters filled with easy-to-care-for succulents sold one after another! Why didn't I buy that little French Bull Dog planter the minute I got there? Am I crazy?? Of course it sold right off the bat! Kicked myself all the way home!

A bit more of my display. A while back I found these vintage frames and filled them with sheet steel - add a couple of magnets and hang my necklaces - easy peasey!
This vintage chandelier hangs in the entry way of The Ghost Room, which has housed the last two installations of The Austin Flea. This bar is fantastic and oh so Austin. It's an old cookie factory for goodness sake! Who knows when it turned to a bar - when Austin's warehouse district became cool probably. But this place is the go to spot for drinks, music, and just hanging out. The staff is cool with out being too hip - if you know what I mean, like not contrived, very real! If you live here or are visiting - go check it out.
And then there's the Chia hat. I have been wanting a Chia hat for YEARS! I bought one for Tom like eight years ago! But I've just never gotten one for myself. Before the Flea even opened this time around I saw this hat - I snatched it up so fast it almost flew onto my head! Chia's hats are kind of legendary around Austin - and should be everywhere else if you ask me - but here, you see one out and just automatically say "love your Chia hat!" There is no question of who made it - it's Chia. And she is just as sweet as she is talented. I'm telling you, there is no reason not to buy local when you have people like this in your community!
As if it wasn't enough that the space was chock full of fantastically talented artists - we were serenaded through out the day by wonderful local Austin musicians. Mark Viator and Susan Maxey make me swoon I love them so much.
More Flour Pots!
From this vantage you can see the incredible paintings of Collin Welsch, the conversation starting bags of Bolsa Bonita, and in the top right corner - the always popular jewelry by Natalie Tischler of Ornamental Things. The atmosphere was so great - warm, comfortable, and relaxed.

And last, the ever talented Hilary York. Hilary has been kind enough to play every Blue Dog Rescue event we have ever had at The Ginger Man over the years. She has a heart of gold and a voice to match.

I know we all have price in the places we are from, but I've gotta say Austin lives up to the hype. If you're from here you already know what I am saying (and you should come to the Flea because it's like all of Austin all rolled up into one!) and if you are considering a visit - Do It! We've got great food, music, people, outdoor activities, gosh, everything you can think of. From the mild weather to the margarita's you won't be disappointed.