Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The mean reds.

I am so identifying with Holly Golightly's mean reds right now. I've been a big whiner for the past few months due to some pretty unpleasant, on-going, seemingly never ending back pain. Back pain due to a variety of things, some involving internal issues and some involving lifting a 120 pound Great Dane into the back of an SUV. Either way I can't decide if I am more sick of the pain or more sick of my whiney-ness. I can tell you this, somethings gotta change. I'm getting all kinds of advice and instead of it making me do something it's making me feel paralyzed with indecisiveness. I've gone the traditional dr. route. Where to now? Chiropractor? Physical Therapy? Massage Therapist? Acupuncture? or pull the covers back over my head?