Sunday, February 21, 2010

are you sick of it yet?

I really can't help it - I get a cute picture of my dogs and I just automatically want to post it here! I guess I am a show-off at heart. Are you sick of seeing my dogs?

But seriously, they are cute, huh? This is from a recent Thursday. See, every Thursday I get my house cleaned (super-duper luxury but with 12 dogs it's a luxury that I make myself afford). So, myself and several of the dogs pile into my studio while the girls clean. It's actually really good because it's forced work time where I can't get distracted by something else in the house. However, my studio is not large by any stretch of the imagination, it's like 12x12 or something. And I have: two jeweler's benches, one huge table/bench that holds my drill press, pickle pots, and soldering station, a table for pouring resin and assembling jewelry, a book case, a corner cabinet w/ a tv, a vintage desk, a practical desk, three chairs and a stool, three dog beds, and on Thursdays - at least five dogs including a Great Dane...oh, and sometimes one of my assistants works too. We're pretty packed in there, hence the cute photos of the dogs all kinda piled on top of each other. In this particular photo - Pasqual using Vincent as a pillow while Veruca Jane grabs up a tiny edge of dog bed. Too cute!