Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love is in the air

There are conflicting stories on how my whole bottle cap craze came to be. Conflicting in my own head. I truly cannot remember if it started with Saint Francis or Tom Selleck. Both stories are good so I don't know if I should even settle on one. Here is what I do know:

I had been making resin jewelry for several years and I always had some left over resin after filling the empty silver vessels. And I threw it away. I hate throwing stuff away. So I had Tom start saving bottle caps so that I could play around with the resin - mixing colors, making patterns, etc. Then one day I added something to the surface of the resin - truthfully, I am fairly certain it was Tom Selleck. I put a little paper cut out of Tom Selleck on the surface of the resin.

There was some trial and error but I worked it out. And now, these bottle caps, with St. Francis, St. Christopher, St. Dymphna, and more... initials, hearts, owls, peace signs, paw prints, and various people have become hugely popular. I do have a handful of celebrities in my bottle cap collection. But I have one rule: I have to love them on some level. I am not going to start putting Michael Jackson in bottle caps (I do love him though) just because I know he will sell. I have to have some kind of connection, affinity, something for me to encase them in resin. So, people like Tom Selleck, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Ann Richards (Governor of Texas for a time), Andy Gibb, Angela Lansbury, Bob Barker, Mr. T, Bob Geldof, and more...

When I made the Angela Lansbury bottle caps Tom said "You realize you are making those just for you. You aren't going to sell them." Well, I do sell them, and a lot of them. I think he said the same thing about Bob Barker, but I sell the heck out of those to - I mean really, wouldn't those be awesome on every neutered dog out there!?!?!?!

These Saint Valentine bottle caps are fantastic - made up holiday my ass! :) Who says Valentines Day was made up by Hallmark? The catholics must have had it figured out years ago! Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love, the perfect gift for your honey. Male or female it makes a great key chain, dog tag, rear view mirror dangle-y thing-a-ma-jig...

So, get your heart on, your Tom Selleck (every girls dream Valentine), your Saint Valentine...or all of the above and have a happy Valentine's Day!