Thursday, January 14, 2010

The bedtime scene.

The sleeping arrangements in our house are not what most people would put up with. On a typical night we have 4 dogs and 2 cats in our bed with us. *Tom might kill me for sharing this* The dogs have the routine down pat - the minute we make the move they run to their spots. Clarence and Horatio have to be lifted into the bed, which is like 10ft off the ground, I sometimes need to be lifted into this bed! And no matter how many times I have seen this - I never get tired of seeing them standing there like little bitty men waiting to be hoisted up.

I like to think I could narrate this photo: Daisy, our almost 17 year old cat, and Pasqual are staring at Tom intently thinking "Do not let them up here!" The Business Man, who does not sleep in the bed is saying "Please, please let me sleep in the bed just tonight!" And Clarence is saying "What the hell is taking you so long?"

Although some nights I have to sleep all contorted because some dog has laid across the middle of the bed where my legs go...I still let them stay. Everyone of these dogs came from a shelter where they were sleeping on a cold, concrete floor. When I see them laying on top of a down comforter on a giant ushy, squishy bed it makes it all worth it.