Monday, January 4, 2010

You're old Claire.

Do you remember the episode of the Cosby Show where Cliff says to Claire "You're old Claire. And I'm old too." I don't remember what he was referring to, probably them being out of touch with something the kids were doing. Anyway, that sentence stuck with me and now Tom and I say it to each other any time something makes us feel old. I am saying it to myself right now.

I decided I would do a Top 10 post here on my blog. You know, best 10 things I discovered in 2009. Best movie I saw, best new music, etc. But then as I started thinking...everything I like is old. You're old Claire. When I thought of music I thought about Jackson Browne and how much I fell in love with his music all over again this year. When I thought about movies I thought, gosh I really liked Love Song for Bobby Long...and that came out, what? like five years ago? My list is terrible.

And though I do like to watch tv, even though I know it is much more popular to say you don't, there nothing really good on. Given my choice of anything I would still probably go back to the original Perry Masons. You're really old Claire.
So, my Top 10 list of best of entertainment in 2009 has changed to a list of Three things to check out if you haven't already:
  1. Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water has to be one of the best songs of all time
  2. Love Song for Bobby Long (don't let John Travolta scare you off - it is one of the four or so good movies he has made)
  3. Perry Mason - get the DVD's a let the innuendo and cigarette smoke take you back in time

There you go. For what it's worth, there is my list. Enjoy!