Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sweet creatures who deserve more

I've been going through pictures for a bit now. I was looking for all of the pictures of Pasqual smiling and curled up with other dogs and even the cats. All of the pictures that make him look like the innocent, sweet creature that he is. I had a whole stack I was ready to post and then I came across this one.

There are some days when people just make me hurt inside. People can be irresponsible, neglectful, they can make poor choices, choose to do nothing, they can be judgemental. Today a handful of people made me feel this way. Because of the actions and inaction of a handful of people a sweet dog I once knew won't see tomorrow.

I won't get on my soap box about being a good dog owner deserving of your dogs love. I won't preach about pit bulls and how wonderful and misunderstood they are. Tonight I feel defeated. But here's the great thing - that pit bull in the picture above, he will be able to single handedly change all that. I will go get into bed tonight and he'll plop down next to me, stare at me with his wide, innocent eyes, lick my face with his giant sand-paper tongue and I'll start to feel better.


Mare said...

my heart breaks sometimes....your sleeping dog looks like an angel in that picture...

Narelle said...

Sometimes I wish I lived in a world with just animals.

I just don't understand humans & some of their choices & decisions. And we're supposed to be the smarter race!

Bless the little soul that was lost. xxx

Kate said...

I'm one of those people who would take a dog over a person any day.

I have a Pit mix and she's the light of my life. And even if she's on her best behavior, licking your face and trying to give you all of her toys, some people still hate her because she's a pit. Makes me sick.

I can totally relate to your woes and I hope your days get brighter soon! Snuggle that little man (Pasqual) for me, would you?

tricia said...

I have to agree with the other comments..I love dogs and animals much more than most people.

My beagle sleeps ontop of our pillows too! Sweet pooch!