Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Girlie Show

I've been scurrying around like a frantic little mouse the last couple of days just trying to make sure I have everything I need...'cause tomorrow the little brother and I load up the car and head to Oklahoma City for the Girlie Show!  This show is even more fun than the name sounds!!  The show was was the brain child of three zany women who wanted an art show unlike any others...something not-stuffy, all girlie artists, fabulous foodie caliber food (think delicious sushi in peeled back sardine cans!), female dj's, roller derby girls skating in and out of the crowds offering to booth sit, and entertainment that is off the chart (imagine burlesque meets cirque de soleil!)...if you can imagine all that then you might have an inkling of what the Girlie Show is all about.  For the past three years I've had to pinch myself that I've been lucky enough to be a part of it.

Sadly, after 10 years, the girlies are calling it quits after this last her-ah!  I'm not sure why they've decided that all good things must end, but I'm betting that means that they have pulled out the big guns for this final show!!  And I cannot wait to see it!  So if you live anywhere near OKC you should try to come by.  The show is Friday November 1st from 7-11 and Saturday from noon to 5.  I'd truly love to see you!

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the AMAZING girlies that I'm sharing the stage with, like my friends Jen Ramos, Victoria Corbett, and Liz Potter.  And a young painter that I just cannot stop going on about, Tessa Raven!  And so, so many more!

Come see us.