Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holy Hannah it's finally here.

Is this not the cutest purse you have EVER seen?!? You can sorta tell in the photo, but the tail is fluffy fur! I am a total bag addict and I have several of Liz Potter's fantastic bags! I have a squirrel, a Tom Selleck, a smiling Toast bag, and an Andy Gibb just to name a few. So imagine how excited I was when Liz asked if I wanted to share a booth with her for ACL?!?!? Uh, super excited! Not only do I love the bags that she makes but I have tons of respect for her as a fellow small business owner. She knows her stuff! I can't think of a better way to brave the terrors of ACL than by sharing space with Liz!

Yesterday was set up. The show starts on Friday so initially I was annoyed that set up was two day earlier. Now I see the brilliance of this. It was so nice to set everything up and then walk away knowing I had a full day to finish last minute little details and just take a deep breath. It's been such a whirlwind. Set up was good but un-freaking-believably hot! Steph and I both felt a little sick by the end of it. But, I am pretty fortunate - my jewelry packs down so small that my set up is usually pretty painless. Between me, Tom, Stephanie, and Casey we had it done in about three hours. I felt bad leaving poor Liz and her seemingly millions of bags - but I think she probably appreciated getting all four of us out of her hair so she could work in peace. I told Tom that he should realize that I would be coming home with a new bag no doubt! The problem is deciding - there were sooooooooooooooo many that I already felt myself falling in love with!! I hope I am able to focus on selling jewelry instead of a weekend of bag shopping - Heaven!
Come see us if you are at ACL!