Monday, October 5, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let's start with the good. Look at that beautiful grass. For years ACL Festival has been plagued with lots of dust. This year the city spent a kajillion dollars on making sure the grass was filled in everywhere, thick, and beautiful. And it was. When we loaded in on Wednesday we all whipped off our shoes and marveled at how amazing it was. We got set up with ease and showed up Friday morning looking forward to the weekend.
My booth partner and I couldn't use our individual names for our sign (Metalsgirl and Bolsa Bonita) so my partner came up with Charmed and Armed which I thought was super cute and fitting. The festival folks had these great signs for each of the vendors. Check out that gorgeous sky. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Our display came together - Liz's bags are so freakin' cute!

We were fairly close to one of the stages which at times was great - Michael Franti was fantastic - but at times there was so much base that I felt motion sickness coming on.

Then came day two. And with it the rain. All day. I couldn't help but take a photo of these cute girls in their home made garbage bag ponchos. The "General Store" booth quickly sold out of ponchos. There was a man actually selling garbage bags right off the roll for 5 bucks each! And he couldn't sell them fast enough. The rain was okay at first but then it started to get a little muddy.
This was me at the end of day two.
And then there was day three. This was the veiw from our booth. No rain which was good. But oh, the mud.
Imagine a foot of chocolate pudding covering an entire park and then 65,000 people arrive to listen to Pearl Jam. I wish I had video. It was like watching a crowd of people trying to learn to skate all at the same time.
Let's just say it was not the best experience. I was trying desperately to channel my inner PollyAnna but by the end of day three it was getting difficult. I just don't think that inches and inches of mud is condusive to shopping.
The ugly came today when we found out that the city folks, in their efforts to give us lush and luxourious grass, used dillo dirt and sewage to help that lovely grass grow. So, basically, we were all tromping around in s*%t.
And last I will leave you with this freakishly creepy photo. A friend of mine took this photo, I didn't get the pleasure of seeing it in person. I can only imagine that there were some drugs involved. But at least some people were able to embrace the festivities.