Friday, November 5, 2010

friendships that stand the test of time

I have been insanely fortunate. I'd like to think that I just have incredibly keen judgment skills, but it's probably a bit of luck too. But I have a hand full of truly wonderful, good, forever friends. Some I am lucky enough to see all the time and some it's years...but for those true, really friendships it can be years and it feels like days. That is the case with my friend Jill (the cute blonde above). We have been friends since junior high, as different as night and day, she was voted "most beautiful" while I was "most unusual", she wore polos while I put toothpaste in my hair...but neither of us really cared.
And now, more than 20 years later, living miles and miles apart and rarely seeing each other - I think it's been nearly 10's like we haven't missed a day. So, here we are again, with our friend Taylor (another long-time, forever friend), 20+ years from the other photo, still friends. How many people can say that most of their friends date back to elementary or junior high school? I am crazy fortunate because I can say that. I love you Jill, Kim, Taylor, and Haley! You are THE best.