Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My name is Laura and I have a problem.

"Hi Laura." My problem is I watch movies over and over again. Not like you think. I watch it and then immediately start it over and watch again and sometimes, again. Not with all movies. No way!! But there are just some movies that I could literally watch again and again and again. Drives Tom nuts! I don't know why I do this - and usually it's not even with very good movies...I don't know.

So, my latest obsession: The Family Stone. No, it's not an intellectual movie, it's not hilarious, it's not particularly deep. But if you are looking for a good, solid Christmas movie, and you have already watched Miracle on 34th St. and It's a Wonderful Life (the two best Christmas movies of ALL time) then this is a good new one to watch. I think.
I think I have watched it seven times so far this season. Now, before you think "Umm, I ordered a necklace, I haven't gotten it yet, and you are sitting around watching movies and eating bonbons?" I promise I am work, work, workin' away with the lovely sound of the dysfunctional Stone family in the background.
If you do decide to check it out pay close attention to one of my favorite characters in the movie: the house. It might be my dream house - from the architecture to the decor - it is a cozy Christmas dream. oh, I think I'll go watch it again.