Sunday, November 7, 2010

Introducing Miss Jillian Ryan

Is she not the cutest thing? Seriously? It took some doing but I finally convinced Tom that we could take on another foster dog. For the first six or seven years of Blue Dog, Tom and I regularly had several foster dogs at a time. In fact at one point we had as many as seven fosters on top of our own dogs. But with our 12 dogs, Preacher's cancer, and my increasingly busy work schedule we just cannot take on as many fosters. I wish we could because I love, love, love it! There is not much better than springing a dog from the cold concrete of the animal shelter.

This was just the case with our newest foster Jillian Ryan. I guess I wore Tom down sending him photos of dogs in need (tortured him was probably more like it!)... as soon as he agreed I was in my car and headed for the city shelter. I picked out three. Of course I knew if I came home with three all four of us would be sleeping in the car! It was tough but I finally picked out this little girl. Can you believe no one wanted her?!?! She was on her last day at the shelter...I think she was just so scared there that no one could see the precious personality behind that scruffy little face. But now that she has a soft, warm bed, no more scary noises or the constant smell of fear in the air, she has come right out of her shell. She is hilarious and an absolute love bug!

So stay tuned to Blue Dog Rescue because she should officially be available for adoption soon. Oh, and cross your fingers that all goes well at the vet - we are wishing for NO heartworms or other cooties and an uneventful spay surgery...from there she will begin interviews for a forever home. Wish her luck!!