Sunday, August 11, 2013

a day full of We.

Curled up in bed just now.  I need to apologize in advance for any typos, Tom is sleeping soundly across my lap and I'm typing with one arm propped across his shoulder.  It's a challenge but I don't want him to move an inch so I'm typing very gently!

I spent the day finishing up a few pieces in the studio.  Tom spent most of the day with me, helping me with a few ideas I've been toying with.  We mixed up a batch of resin so we could play around more with this new idea I have of drawing or painting with resin. We had so much fun doodling in resin.  We ended the afternoon, turned early evening, with Tom rushing off to the shower hollering, "how do you get this stuff off your hands?!?!?"
  We we we we we!  I love the days that are so full of WE!

Tomorrow we will shoot all of the new work as well as a little how-to video that has been on my to-do list for months!  It's gonna be fun!  Then I hope to share it all with you on Monday.
Here's a sneak peek...


Hahahahahaha!  I just did a quick proof the first line, before I even acknowledged the probable typos,I typed "inbred" instead of "in bed".  Classic.  I think, since its 2:40am, I might be in need of some sleep!
  G'nite sweethearts, its time to go...