Thursday, August 29, 2013

my lazy weekend. yeh right.

I had the best of intentions for a lazy weekend.  I had one order I had to finish but otherwise I was gonna relax!  But the thing is, things rarely go as intended...

I worked a bunch more than planned.  There was this large order to get out...
I think I've settled on this for my new packaging.  What do You think?  This was for a bride, all custom bangles.  Fingers crossed she likes them.

And I finally finished the fossilized sea urchin ring.  I made the bezel for this sweet creature weeks ago and it sat, patiently waiting for an inspired back plate and words that felt right...  I settled on *sing in the silence* for this baby.  The idea that there was once something alive about this is profound to me.  And I do believe she sings in this silence.
I cleaned my laundry room.
That is an understatement.
My parents bought a new washer and dryer and were kind enough to give us their gently used washer and dryer.  Sounds simple enough, right?  But if you have never moved a wash and dryer let me warn you: the space under which they sit is Ger-Ossssse!  Gross.  There was a paint scraper involved if that tells you anything.
And we had to raise a cabinet.  And I hadn't painted behind said cabinet.  So I found the paint in the garage and painted.  Then touched up several other spots around the room.  And then the paint dried.  And it was not the same color.  Lovely.
And then Tom hooked up the washer and dryer.  Started our first load.  And within a couple of minutes the entire drum of water emptied onto the floor.  Apparently the hose had popped out of the drain while wedging the dryer into place.  After throwing 172 towels onto the floor we pulled the washer out and I held it, teetering off the giant base that they sit on while Tom climbed behind it like a monkey to reroute the hose.
Mopping, lots of mopping came next.

And all the while I was battling some kind of infection that made me want to curl up on the couch knitting and watching West Wing.

So that was my weekend.  How was yours?

it took me a full four days to finish this post and now its almost the next weekend.  Lordy.