Thursday, August 8, 2013

So, I drew a name last night...

First off I need to apologize for the not so nifty photos.  As promised we set about preparing to draw a name around 9:30 so lighting was not optimal.  But I hope you will see them in the spirit they were intended.  There were 45 names to write out and I can honestly say that I enjoyed and appreciated writing out each and every one.  I felt gratitude welling up inside of me.  Reading your comments, the time you took to share your stories, your memories, your ideas, your family history, your plans for future generations of goodie boxes ...well, i wish I could have a goodie box from all of you goodie-box-experts!  And I wish I could make a goodie box for every single one of you. 
I learned in doing this little give away, maybe I should say what I have relearned, is that giving is always better than getting. 
I also hope that those of you who had memories of your own care packages, the ones from savvy parents, thoughtful nieces, grandparents who always want to keep you fed, I hope that you enjoyed recalling these memories as much as I enjoyed hearing about them.
What would make me happy as a clam is if this inspired you to go make a goodie box...if it did will you promise and pinky swear to come back and tell me all about it?!?!
 Please rest assured, because I know this was worrying you into the wee hours, that I was not wasteful in jotting down your names.  Each one went onto the back of a former to-do list of mine, scarily unchecked off I noticed as I cut them up...  I piled them into my very favorite bowl...inside it says:
"I carry you with me...deep within my the bottom of my footfall........................
in every cloud............that brushes by.........." 
 it was made by a wonderful artist, Kylie Johnson.  I got it shortly after we lost our precious Big Man, Preacher.  I knew instantly that I had to have it and it made me feel better... at a time when noting else really could.  And now it seems a very poetic, perfect spot to place your names.
 So with out further ado...
the winner is...
 >>>>>>>>>>>> elbee <<<<<<<<<<<
Thank you for your very sweet comment about my dad's letter.  
My dad, this particular dad, and I have a, let's say, unconventional relationship.  I don't see him very often
So when he sends these packages I feel connected.
So I really appreciate you acknowledging his kindness.
And I am THRILLED to send off your goodie-box!  I hope that you will either treasure the contents yourself
know just the right person to give them to.
I will email you to get your address tout suite!

One last thing, I made a pie.  I am not ashamed to say that Tom's favorite dessert is my lemon meringue pie and since he had been away I wanted to give him a proper welcome home.  And said pie produced a happy by product, or should I say pie product!  ba dum ump!  I'm a terrible joke teller and pun maker. 
Anyway, I made goodies!!!!  
And I will send them off to elbee in the goodie box if I get the address straight away so that they are still fresh!  And if you feel weird eating food from a not-your-own kitchen, I totally get it.  Think of them as homemade cookies for the dog...considering how much I love dogs, that wouldn't offend me one iota!
Thank you, thank you, thank you again.  Thank you to each and every person who visited and commented.  This work path I'm headed down is new to me and I wanted to send the first piece out into the world as a gift.  And thank you to those who shared my little give away and my blog...I write this stuff and often I have no idea if anyone reads it.  But when you do it warms my heart in a big way.