Thursday, August 15, 2013

a pile of random.

Observations from today:

My hands look old.  It's an interesting phenomenon if you'll let me explain.  My hands do not in fact look old.  I'm looking at them right now.  Not old.  However the minute I take a photo of a ring on my hand or I see a photo of my hand: olden, old, old lady, haggard hands.  When exactly did this happen?

Most everything adventurous sounds good to me the day before.  On the day of, said adventure almost always sounds utterly terrifying and I will back pedal like mad to get out of it.  I would like everyone to think I'm an adventurous person but I'm actually a scardy cat in sky divers clothing!
side note on adventure: 
depending on the day, adventure, according to the dictionary of Laura, could be anything from flying off to New York City to going to the grocery store.

I'm finding it fascinating the way the mind works.  For the past couple of months I have not felt like doing a lot of things that I used to do regularly.  Other things I'm doing way more.  For example, I used to cook almost every night and bake once or twice a week.  I would knock off work to go bake bread.  Now I will look up and it's nine o'clock and my poor husband looks faint and I'm like, "huh?"  I just have not felt like being in the kitchen.  Conversely I could put a cot in the studio and work around the clock.  Wonder why our bodies or minds drop off or pick up on things when times are tough?  Any psychology majors out there that wanna tell me what's up with my noggin?

White tile in a house with 12+ dogs is just dumb.

Rain is to Texas as a unicorn is to, well, reality.  
The other night we heard this odd sound and ran outside to see water falling from the sky.  My mom and I stood there going, "can you see it?" "I hear it but I can't see it". "Oh wow, yeh, there it is!  Yep, it's raining!"

Lovely post lady: could you do me a solid and just pick a time that you will swing by my house?  Not a specific time, just a general time.  Morning, mid day, afternoon...I ran to my mailbox five times yesterday, after packaging each order for fear I would miss you!  Utterly inefficient!  You picked the mail up around 11am the day before - yesterday it was sometime after 3:30!  Humph!

And lastly, Seven, my sweet wobbly girl, if you're gonna take your socks off (with their non skid soles) can you do it in the house or on the porch instead of out in the back forty?  If you do leave your socks in the back forty can it be your hot pink skull and cross bone socks instead of your brown stripe socks?  Those are just hard to locate.

Ok, that's it for the day.  A big ole pile of random.
Happy, happy Thursday my dears!