Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yes, I know that is a dog on my dining room table.

So we all know that I am a dog person. But, contrary to what this photo might suggest, I am not "the crazy dog lady". You might think that someone with 12 dogs is, by definition "a crazy dog lady" but I beg to differ. Yes, one of my dogs sits on the dining room table. And it's an awful habit I have let him keep. But aside from that and the actual 12 dogs our house is very people friendly. And dog hair on your clothes just adds a layer of warmth!

Clarence, that adorable dog on the table, pushes the dining room chair until it's far enough out from under the table that he can jump up onto the table. he does this to look out into the front yard, or in this particular instance, to beg for Uppercrust cheese soup. And who can blame him? They have the best cheese soup in town!