Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jessica Beatrice

Two things I feel I must point out: I know this is a terrible picture. I just cannot seem to get a decent photo of her, no matter how many I take. And she's had about fifty names since we got her.

We rescued this little one from TLAC many months ago. She's cute, right? She should have been adopted lickety split! Oh no, not us. So she'd been hit by a car, she weighs four pounds soaking wet, and she was like a deer in the head lights. After several weeks of dragging herself around our house and making teeny strides in her social skills she finally starts warming up to Tom. He's a sucker. It didn't take long before she was velcro'd to him and he was saying he didn't think she would "adjust well to a new home". So, she's ours.

For some reason we couldn't name her. We always put tons of thought into naming our fosters and we just couldn't come up with one that fit. Top runners were Miss Amanda Jones and Little Miss S. For the purpose of vet records and such we settled on Little Miss S and then never called her that again. For months she was stuck with the super clever name - Itty Bitty. I was on a Picket Fences kick and had just watched the episode with Della Reece calling the little kid itty bitty little thang. It stuck for a loooong time. Then when we decided to keep her I just couldn't see that being her forever name. Well, loving Angela Lansbury like I do, Itty Bitty evolved into J Bitty aka JB Fletcher aka Jessica Beatrice Fletcher. Ta Da!!!