Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St. Patty's Day destination!

If you live in Austin, Texas and you are thinking "Hmmmm, what should I do for St. Patrick's Day?" I have got your answer! The Ginger Man pub on 4th and Lavaca. Here's why:

This is my favorite bar my a mile.
They have over EIGHTY beers on tap. Hello!!! I said 80 beers on tap!
The staff is awesome!
The vibe is low key and unpretentious.
The empanadas rock. Try the Samosa.
and last, sadly...
This is the last week the bar will be open in this location.

It's a real bummer. Long story short - building condos has been all the rage in Austin the past couple of years. Even at the expense of some great old buildings and beloved Austin destinations. The Ginger Man building (an old cookie factory) was slated to become another casualty of "progress". So they sought out a new location - ends up it's just caddy corner from the current spot. Well into the project of preparing the new space the condo developers start to think better of tearing the old girl down in these economic times. Soooooo, the Ginger Man will still be moving, but we will be getting something new (a music venue I hear) in it's spot.

Now let me say, I can not stand change. BUT, I got the pleasure of a preview of the new space today and I've got to say - it's super cool! It's real cozy and reminds me of the pubs I visited in Ireland in the little villages.

But still, you should go check out the G-Man for St. Patty's day. Raise a glass to the great old building and another for all the good times to come.