Sunday, March 22, 2009

If people weren't so stupid I could get off my soap box!

Okay, so probably not the best title for a blog post - especially when you actually want people to read your blog. But I can't help it. People make me so mad.

So meet Sugar Lou. She is our newest foster. Can you stand how cute she is? My little brother announced today that she "might be the cutest puppy I have ever seen". So here's her story and why I am in such a tizzy. A friend of a coworker of a friend of a neighbor - you know, one of those - contacts us about a mama dog and her litter of puppies. I won't even go into how the dog should have been spayed and this wouldn't have happened...okay, moving along. So we get an e-mail from this woman whose neighbors moved and LEFT their dog and all of her tiny puppies behind in their back yard. Just left them there. They had been there for a few days before anyone knew. Can you even imagine? To be quite honest it truly scares me that people like this exist out there. It's not like we don't have shelters. Our shelters even have night drop boxes where you can dump your dog in total anonymity. At least if they would have been euthanized at the shelter it would have been more humane than starvation. Arggg, okay I'm probably crossing the line for most readers. I just get so mad that there are people that have such little regard for life and for the suffering of any animal, human or other wise.

Okay, lets talk about the good things: this wonderful neighbor did find them. She took them in, got vet care for them all, and is keeping the mom! Now that's a terrific human being! She found homes for all but this little girl so we took her in to foster and find her the wonderful home she deserves. And you are getting a sneak preview. We haven't even posted her on the website yet. She's just under three months old and she is as sweet as she is cute. And get this - her mom is a pit bull mix and apparently the dad was a giant schnauzer!! Uhhhh, cute!