Friday, March 6, 2009

The emergence of Monkey

I swear I could write five blog posts everyday on just my hilarious dogs. Today it's Monkey's turn to be the star of my blog. So I go into the living room to sit down and he's all wadded up in this red blanket. Totally normal. He wraps and unwraps himself in this blanket a dozen times a day. But this time his little bitty chihuahua nose was poking out. It was just so cute!
So I grab my camera and start taking pictures of him. Of course before I can get the ISO how I want it he starts poking out a little farther.

Then I can see a nose and and eye! It was like he wanted to verify that it would be worth his time to come all the way out of the blanket.
In the end he decided, nope, not worth it at all. Just mom with her camera again. What's new?