Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet Caroline

I know, I know, I just posted a new foster dog! But try as we might, we couldn't make it out of the shelter with just one. As we were leaving last week with Margery in came this little raggamuffin. Someone had found her running along the highway. According to the shelter she is six years old, but I think she's younger than that. She was just as stoic as she could be when I picked her up today, but by the time we were almost home she was giving me kisses. And then, well you can see in the video, a couple of hours later and a good bath and she was right at home. Right this minute she is curled up in the middle of a dog bed that would hold dog 10 times her size! I imagine it's more comfortable than the concrete floor she slept on last night.

If you ever want to foster I can tell you, it is a very rewarding experience. Sure it can be sad when they get adopted - but it's a small price to pay for the joy you get that first night you bring them home from the shelter. Check out Blue Dog Rescue if you live in the Austin area. If not, do a google search of rescue groups in your area. You won't be sorry.