Sunday, January 11, 2009


And the winner is...Mama Deb! Yay! You win the itty bitty square resin necklace! Send me your address and I'll get it in the mail to you asap. And thank you to everyone who posted comments about their gifts. I loved reading each and every one of them. Hopefully we will all remember to put more thought and possibly less money into the gifts we give.

Now, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the blog contest. It's just an excuse for me to show off another one of my cutie pie pups. This is Clairee, aka Clishy Marie Shew as she is usually called. We rescued her when she was just three days old. Her mom had been over bred and died during labor. When I went to pick up Clishy and her littermates I thought the person was trying to pass off gerbils as puppies. Seriously, they were that small. I think Clishy weighed 2 ounces. They were so fragile. It was an exhausting four weeks trying to keep these babies alive and in the end we did lose one. But four survived. Clishy is a funny little chihuahua mixed with who-knows-what and her very favorite thing to do is give hugs! She's cute, huh?