Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sometimes I am very creative.

What was it that they used to say on the A-Team? "I love it when an idea comes together."? I think it was "plan", not "idea", but for the sake of this post I am going to go with "idea". So anyway, I've had all of my necklaces hanging on this hook thing in the bathroom. It was fine. It wasn't all that asthetically pleasing and any thing longer than 16-18 inches hung behind this cabinet thing-a-ma-bob. So I wanted another solution. And I also wanted a way to be able to appreciate my necklaces even when I wasn't wearing them. I have collected some cool stuff over the years, meeting other artists, trips, etc. So I found this new hook thing where the hooks move along the bar that is afixed to the wall. Then I took a frame that i already had and painted it pink (my bedroom and bathroom is kinda pink and brown). And Voila! I've framed my necklaces. They are on constant display, perfect art for my bathroom.

I've got a few pieces that I've made (my favorite tooth necklace made from my dog's canine), a felted wool necklace that my mother-in-law made for me, my hand fabricated silver skull from a wonderful etsy artist, a couple of beaded necklaces that my dad sent me from Santa Fe, and a couple of Kari Stringer necklaces (love her!).

I love it. It seems like such a smart solution for a things I enjoy looking at every day.