Thursday, January 8, 2009

Contest: What was your favorite gift this year and why?

To me the best gifts are usually not expensive or fancy. They aren't the most advertised item of the year or the one at the top of everyone elses Christmas list. The best gift is the one that when you open the box you instantly know how much thought and love went into this gift. For example: For our seventh anniversay my husband gave me a framed seven of hearts from a deck of cards. Who needs diamonds when you have a gift like that. I nearly melted. I knew he thought so long about what he could give me that would really mean something to me and mark the very special day. It was truly perfect.

This year my perfect gift came from my uncle. Well, first let me say, I received many thoughtful, perfect gifts this year, this one was just eztra special. So every year in my family, because there are so many of us, we draw names. Every year we have a different theme. This year the theme was "handmade". Of course I was thrilled! But I guess not everyone was as excited. Anyway, my uncle Rick drew my name. Apparently he was dreading it a bit, but what he came up with was perfect. Knowing how much I love my dogs and what a huge part of my life they are he decided to make me a homemade cookbook of dog treat recipes. He researched until he found a whole slew of recipes that he thought would "taste" good to my pups! Then he bought tons of the ingredients so that I could whip them up right away. And the best part, a letter from him as the first page of the cookbook. A letter about why he decided on this gift and what he did to make it. Needless to say I boohooed like a baby when I read the letter. The whole gift was so personal, so thoughtful. It was the perfect gift.

So, what was your "perfect gift" this holiday? Tell me about them and it will automatically enter you to win one of my itty bitty square necklaces! I can't wait to read your stories!!

I'll randomly pick a entry from the list on Sunday January 11th. Have fun and good luck!