Monday, January 5, 2009

"I took a three hour nap"...

My husbands response to that statement was "That's not a nap - that's called sleep." Well, whatever it's called I LOVE it! I used to not be a nap kinda girl. I would just lay there and think of everything I should be up doing. But I have since discovered the beauty of the nap. And since the Ker-AZZzZy-ness of the holidays is over I have been on RElax mode! But tomorrow it's back to work...and time to come up with those 2009 resolutions. I wasn't gonna do it this year, but it feels weird not to - like maybe the year won't actually start if I blow it off. hmmm, that's sorta tempting... No, I'm gonna do it. and, in true scarlett fashion, I'll think about it tomorrow.

This photo doesn't have a whole lot of anything to do with this post - I just love this necklace! :) Happy 2009 Everyone!