Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet RayShee!

Well, technically it's Horatio. But he only gets called that when he's in trouble. Usually it's RayShee or RaySheePoo. He's a pure bred Chug. That's a chihuahua pug mix for those of you that are not "in-the-know"! Horatio is our number 11. We rescued him from our local animal shelter which has about a 50% kill rate. We had just adopted out our most recent foster dog and were down at the shelter "interviewing" to fill the vacancy. It was between this little guy and an older, white chihuahua mix. Horatio was one year old, cute, but a little, umm, how do you say, romantic with the ladies. He hadn't been neutered. I was leaning towards the white one but my husband liked this one. So we loaded him up in the car and took him home.
Shortly after coming home he went to the vet, was declared healthy and was neutered. He still thinks the ladies are very pretty but he's chilled out a lot. And he's cute, right? Well after a whole year of dragging him to adoption days and talking him up to potential adopters - nothing. No one wanted him. And after a whole year - we really did want him. We love him. He's so full of personality. We lucked out but somebody else out there missed out on a truly great dog. I could go on and on with cute "mom" stories about him but I'll just tell you this one: So in the evenings Tom and I have a bit of a routine. We fix dinner, maybe build a fire, and plop down in the living room to watch a little tv and hang with the dogs. When it's time for bed Horatio starts getting antsy. And once we ask: "What time is it?" He starts in with the full on wookie sounding language of his. He proceeds to "tell" all of us that it is high time to get our butts to bed. He LOVES bed time!
And once he hits the sheets, that's it! He is out. He crawls under the nearest pillow or the comforter and he's not gonna get up til the morning. But unfortunately, he is just excited about "time to get up" which he yells from the rooftops! Not nearly as endearing.