Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preacher update

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on with our big man. We took him to his oncologist this morning. He was concerned that the cancer was back and in his spine or central nervous system. The oncologist just called with an update. They did xrays and everything looked normal. So it still could be anything from muscular skeletal, to ruptured disc, to cancer. But something is causing a fair amount of pain in his lower lumbar area. So for now he gets to come home and be on some heavy duty pain meds in the hope that he gets progressively better over the next couple of days. If he does not improve or gets worse then we go get a CT scan and have to talk about the possibility of surgery. Not sure how Tom and I feel about that given the cancer and his age, but we'll just have to see.

For now we are hopeful and are choosing to be positive and believe that he is a big goof ball and over did it with the play on Sunday and, like his mom would do, injured himself with a very small amount of exercise and physical exertion!

Thanks for your well wishes, positive thoughts, prayers, love, everything!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

You are all in my thoughts for strength and a speedy recovery.

Anne Currie said...

Preacher, get some rest on the couch and let mom and dad smother you with kisses and hugs. Sending a hug from me too!

Bisquit said...

Yes, excellent news. Now your heart is out of the ringer, at least for now. My positive thoughts are with Preacher and your family, get well soon :) Your dogs have my heart. Have been following your blog for sometime now, thanks for the timely update of your Preacher. He is on my mind.
Be well,

Bisquit said...

Oh yah, I hugged and kissed my poopy on your suggestion. Sending love and kisses.

Zuzu's Petals said...

Our dogs are our family and we give them all the love we possibly can especially when something upset the norm...I know he will be better because of you and the rest of your "gang". I look at his picture and say special prayers just for him!

Narelle said...

Thinking of you all & sending lots of prayers to the big goof, Preacher.

See, who says exercise is good for you?!

retirejuly.blogspot.com said...

Oh no, prayers Preacher just overdid it playing some Thanksgiving football!

When I receive your emails, the first thing I do is check how Preacher is doing and then your items.

Love your items, but love Preacher more! I hope you understand! :)