Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buck up!

I think it's time to flex my muscles and show what I'm made of. I might have gotten a little too big for my britches lately. Over the past few years I have been busy, real busy, with work. And I haven't had to do a whole lot to bring that work in. Well, I do work, but I haven't had to push, push, push to get my work out there. But it seems this whole economy thing might be catching up with me. And I get it. But it means I am gonna have to put myself out there a bit more. This is tough for me because I am not the "hard-sell" sales person and I never will be. But I suppose I could be a bit more aggressive about getting my work seen. So, seeing as how holiday ad space has come and gone I guess that means social networking here I come... I know it might seem self-serving, but I do think now is the time to buy handmade and locally owned and support the little guy. This holiday while we are all scrimping more than usual I think the more personal gift will mean so much more than the big expensive electronics and big box store gifts. Whether that is something from me or from your little locally owned shop up the will make a difference.

Oh, and while I desperately wish that was my arm, it's not. It's my precious sister (not really, but really) Haley. And on her arm are the Vintage Brass Bangle Bracelets that I so loooove to make!