Monday, November 9, 2009

Austin Flea

I am super duper excited about this upcoming show!!!! First of all, I can not believe that the holidays are upon us. It always sneaks up on me. But here they are and I am so excited!! I'm pretty much a cheese-ball when it comes to all things between November 1st and December 26th. And I mean All Things! I would start playing Christmas music now if Tom didn't lay down the law. The day after Thanksgiving is when it gets to start. But he usually plays my very favorite Glen Campbell Christmas song at midnight on Thanksgiving. And I, without fail, let out that excited squeal as if it is the very first time. ahhh, I love it! The baking, the gift wrapping (no gift bags -ick!), the decorations, the tree, the smells, the daily cards from old friends and family, and all of the fun holiday art shows!!! This is the time of year where I really get to interact with loyal customers and fellow artists. Working from home is a wonderful thing, but it is a fairly solitary environment. So these shows are the equivalent of being around coworkers for me. We talk about our year, gossip, talk shop - and we cram it all into the one or two days of the show. It's great fun!!

I am doing two shows this season. I know fellow artists/friends who are doing up to five! More power to them and I hope they do fantastic - but I just can't manage it. So two it is. And I am thrilled about them both.
First, on December 5th, is The Austin Flea. It's at the Ghost Room and it's a one day show with other fabulous artists, live music, yummy food (Stephanie, you better make those Mexican chocolate cookies again!), and holiday goodies to get you in the spirit!
Second, on December 12th and 13th is Cherrywood. Another fun, fun, fun show! Great local artists and more live music! I so hope to see you out and about and enjoying all the festivities! And if not come visit me at !!