Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day - a day late.

Aside from Ireland I think new York City is just the best place to be for St. Patty's day. There were two MILLION people out at the parade. The thing that was crazy to me was that this was the LONGEST parade I have ever seen. We got there right at the beginning, watched for awhile, went to a couple of stores, walked a lot, ate lunch, and five HOURS later it was still going. Amazing! It was a super cool thing to see. Now I can say I have spent a St. Patricks Day in Ireland and one in NYC. coolio!

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robyncz said...

We spent Spring Break in New York about 3 years ago. We were there from Monday through Friday, and we PROMISED the girls that we'd get to the American Girl store during our visit. Our flight out was late Friday afternoon, so we assumed that we'd have plenty of time Friday morning to get from our hotel on Times Square to the AG store on 5th Avenue. What we didn't realize was that it was St. Patrick's Day. We liked to have NEVER gotten across that street to the American Girl store. We tried for over an hour. Finally we decided to walk down to where the parade started to get across the street, but before we got that far, we reached a block where they were preparing groups from different community organizations to join the parade. We sort of mingled at the back of a group and marched down the street with them for about 5 blocks before we got back up to the AG store and skidaddled out of the parade. It was something NONE of us will ever forget!