Monday, January 12, 2009

Sale Sale Sale...

...I'm having a big Sale! We took photos of nearly everything that didn't get snatched up over the holidays and posted it all to my closeout page. Plus there are a few hidden sales around my website. AND free shipping for the rest of January. AND the bottlecaps are still only $5. Here are few of the items left ...
Oopsie Daisy Earrings on sale for $40
Pinwheel Earrings with dots of yellow resin on sale for $30

MTA Necklace on sale for $50
I made this from an actual subway pass from our last trip to NYC and set it into a heavy gauge silver bezel.
Large Round Resin Necklace in red (cloves for love and protection), orange (rosemary for protecting and purifying), and fuchsia (skullcap for love and fidelity) on sale for $45


RocketGirl said...

Thanks for clicking on my blog :)

Jane said...

Hey Friend! I linked your fabulous bracelets on today. Check it out!

Fesco Temberson said...

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