Thursday, January 8, 2009

Contest: What was your favorite gift this year and why?

To me the best gifts are usually not expensive or fancy. They aren't the most advertised item of the year or the one at the top of everyone elses Christmas list. The best gift is the one that when you open the box you instantly know how much thought and love went into this gift. For example: For our seventh anniversay my husband gave me a framed seven of hearts from a deck of cards. Who needs diamonds when you have a gift like that. I nearly melted. I knew he thought so long about what he could give me that would really mean something to me and mark the very special day. It was truly perfect.

This year my perfect gift came from my uncle. Well, first let me say, I received many thoughtful, perfect gifts this year, this one was just eztra special. So every year in my family, because there are so many of us, we draw names. Every year we have a different theme. This year the theme was "handmade". Of course I was thrilled! But I guess not everyone was as excited. Anyway, my uncle Rick drew my name. Apparently he was dreading it a bit, but what he came up with was perfect. Knowing how much I love my dogs and what a huge part of my life they are he decided to make me a homemade cookbook of dog treat recipes. He researched until he found a whole slew of recipes that he thought would "taste" good to my pups! Then he bought tons of the ingredients so that I could whip them up right away. And the best part, a letter from him as the first page of the cookbook. A letter about why he decided on this gift and what he did to make it. Needless to say I boohooed like a baby when I read the letter. The whole gift was so personal, so thoughtful. It was the perfect gift.

So, what was your "perfect gift" this holiday? Tell me about them and it will automatically enter you to win one of my itty bitty square necklaces! I can't wait to read your stories!!

I'll randomly pick a entry from the list on Sunday January 11th. Have fun and good luck!


Itsy Bitsy Bracelets said...

The best Christmas gift I ever received happen 5 years ago I was layed off! I know sounds like a great gift but really it was. I was 8 months pregnant and left with no insurance! My husband and I made very little money at the time and were able to qualify for Medicare for the birth of my oldest little girl, which was a huge blessing because her first few days were in the NICU which saved us about 89,000! I have yet to have a year that toped that!

mighty jo said...

my younger sister, with whom i have always butted heads, always sends my boys christmas presents. she has great taste, & i look forward to seeing what she gets them. this year, in the box, there was a little gift for me. i opened it up & found a necklace. it was a picture of a banana seat bike afixed to a scrabble square. when we were little i had a banana seat bike that i LOVED. seeing the necklace made me realize how much she thinks of me & knows me despite our many differences.

Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

I think my favorite this year was a necklace I had found on Etsy, but couldn't justify buying for myself. My mom was asking me for some ideas on what to get me and (among a few others) I sent her the link to the necklace. She has no experience with Etsy (other than checking out my shop) and I was so impressed that she went on there and surprised me with the necklace! Because it really was a surprise. Great blog by the way!!

Meredith said...

Other than the books and DVDs that I wanted (and my family got mad that I had already read and seen-they want me to mark my list next of things I haven't read or seen, so that I can experience the new stuff!) I got a picture frame from my brother and his wife. They just had a baby in November, the first grandchild in our family, whom I just adore and will spoil like crazy. In the picture frame was a picture that his wife had taken of the baby's feet, with her wedding, engagement, and anniversary rings around her big toe. It was just sooo precious.

And because I had taken photography that semester in college, I really loved it.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Cool necklaces!
My favorite was a sewing machine from my mom. I have been wanting one for ages!

Breanne said...

The best gift I received was this year from my boyfriend of 8 years. He proposed and I was completely caught off guard! I didn't think it would ever happen, but now we're happily engaged and planning our wedding for early 2010. The bridesmaids have already requested that their attendant gift be a piece of jewelry from "that cool place in Texas." That's what your jewelry is known as around my friends! :)

Mama Deb said...

Hi, Laura!
My favorite gift this year was a copy of a very old photo of my dear great aunts, Mimi & Hazel, who are both deceased. The photo was taken in the 1930s when they were beautiful young women working as nurses. I adored these two women and miss them horribly. Seeing that picture brought tears to my eyes.

Audrey said...

The best christmas gift I ever got happened in 1991 - our youngest son was born on Dec. 26th. Of course than I have to say that my favorite Easter gift was in 1990 when our oldest son was born.
Love the necklace!!

Joanne said...

Man, Laura - that 7 of hearts story is unbelieveable - that Tom! How cool is that?
Mine is a little materialistic in that it is a beautiful purse that I wanted from my husband, but the best part is that I have one of those husbands that would buy me absolutely anything I want. Anything. And, because he is that way, it's not often that I really want anything, b/c maybe part of the thrill is wanting something that's just out of reach. But this year, I saw this purse and I loved it. Just loved it. I sent him the link this summer, and it was under the tree. Just like magic.

Right Out Loud said...

My favorite gift this year was very practical, and not very romantic, but... my blender is at least 20 years old, and a total hunk of junk - and I use it EVERYDAY! Most mornings I have to give a good shaking to make it finish my smoothie, and some mornings I have to Whop! it. My favorite present this year was a new blender! Perfect!

Giftbearer said...

Those square necklaces are really neat!

Oh by the way; what was the significance of the 7 of hearts? Is 7 a number that has a personal meaning in your life?

My best gift was that my dog, Carmella was cured of Distemper and I'll get to enjoy her for years to come!

I'm on Disability with a life-threatening illness myself, I live alone, and this dog is the light of my life! She was adopted from a local animal shelter and given a very poor prognosis, and now is the first dog in the US to be successfully treated with this protocol because of two vets who stepped up to the plate and were willing to try something "experimental". Had she not been treated in time she would have met a certain death.

Now because of Carmella's cure we have the chance to save other dogs' lives too because more vets are taking notice. For that reason this gift ended up being infinite!

**Lauren** said...

I was blessed with many great gifts this year. My favorite though would be a big, beautiful box full of cross stitching and embroidery supplies from my sister.

What a clever guy your husband is. What a fantastic gift!

beadworkbyamanda said...

My favorite gift this year is quite silly but practical. My aunt knows I love lime green and found a lime green resin-coated knife! It works great and its soooo green! The year before I got a lime green happy spoon! Its the coolest thing ever! Plus my boyfriend got me some friends for my happy spoon in turquoise and red. I'm not happy spoon and you'll see what I mean! I didn't get any handmade gifts so I can't rave about that :(